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Pre-Licensing Vendors

Directory of Approved Pre-Licensing Training Vendors


How To Apply To Become An Approved Pre-Licensing Training Vendor:

The Colorado Department of Human Services recommends that the content for pre-licensing training be aligned with Colorado's Core Knowledge and Standards: A Guide for Early Childhood Professional Development. This document is available in hard copy from the State Forms Center or can be downloaded from the following website:



Required Contact Hours of Training by Standard


  • Overview of Child Care Rules (3 hours)
    • 7.701 - General Rules for Child Care Facilities;
    • 7.707 - Rules Regulating Family Child Care Homes; and
    • 7.719 - Rules Regulating Special Activities 
  • Child Growth and Development
    • 1.5 Growth and Development of the Toddler (1.5 hours)
      Level I Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of physical/motor development, cognitive/language development, and social/emotional development of toddlers.
    • 1.6 Growth and Development of the Preschooler (1.5 hours)
      Level I Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of physical/motor development, cognitive/language development, and social/emotional development of preschoolers.
  • Health, Nutrition and Safety
    • 2.3. A Safe Environment that Prevents or Reduces Injuries to Children and Fosters Optimal Growth and Development through Opportunities for Play, Exploration, and Learning (1.5 hours)
      Level I Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of routine care and maintenance of materials and equipment, and of risk management.

  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice
    • 3.1 Developmentally Appropriate Practice: An Overview (1.5 hours)
      Level I Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices as related to age and individual.

  • Guidance
    • 4.2 Child Guidance: Discipline and Communication (1.5 hours)
      Level I Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of communication techniques for guiding young children.

  • Family and Community Relationships
    • 5.4 Resources Which Support Children and Families (1 hour)
      Level II Standard: Demonstrate the ability to select resources that will assist a family in achieving a specific goal for their child and investigate the unique responsibilities of and resources available in caring for children with special needs or disabilities.

  • Cultural and Individual Diversity
    • 6.1The Recognition of Diversity in Society (1 hour)
      Level II Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of how personal values, attitudes, beliefs, and biases can impact interactions between adults and young children.

  • Professionalism
    • 7.3 Early Childhood Ethics and Codes of Conduct (1 hour)
      Level I Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of NAEYC’s Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment.

  • Administration and Supervision
    • 8.1 Administration of Early Childhood Programs (1.5 hours)
      Level I Standard: Demonstrate knowledge of legal and other regulatory systems, which guide Colorado’s early childhood programs (this includes legal issues about child abuse and neglect)

Universal Precautions Training

Vendors interested in providing Universal Precautions Training must also submit a Universal Precautions Training Attestation. In accordance with Rule 7.703.42 A., a minimum of 1 and 1/2 hours of universal precautions training may be included as part of the pre-licensing training but these hours must be in addition to the required 15 hours of training noted above. Therefore, if universal precautions is included in your pre-licensing training, the length of the entire training must be expanded to 16-1/2 hours.


Trainer of Record

Each application for pre-licensing training must be developed and submitted by the Trainer of Record who must be qualified to teach the subject matter being offered. A resume of qualifications for the Trainer of Record with appropriate documentation must be included with the application. Although the Trainer of Record will probably not provide all the training, the Trainer of Record is responsible for the overall content and quality of the training provided. The Trainer of Record is the person who is responsible for the training and who signs the training certificate.


In addition to the Trainer of Record, each trainer utilized during the approved training must be identified and have expertise in the subject matter on which they are training. The expertise may have been gained from education, work experience, training experience, or a combination of all three. The Trainer of Record is responsible for oversight of these additional trainers and appropriate expertise in the subject matter on which they are training.

IMPORTANT: Twelve (12) semester hours of college coursework or successful completion of competency/challenge tests from a regionally accredited college or university for the specific areas identified in the Content Areas listed above are required for all trainers of record.

Information regarding Colorado’s voluntary Early Childhood Professional Credential may be obtained by calling 303-333-6017.

Evaluation Plan

Each Trainer of Record must submit an evaluation plan and process that will be used to assess knowledge demonstrated following completion of the training. The evaluation plan must measure individual competencies according to subject matter taught and must include documentation of observation of skills and knowledge that demonstrate competency such as:


  • Written test or evaluation to demonstrate competency
  • Oral interviews to demonstrate competency
  • Homework assignments that demonstrate competency
  • Portfolio of work that demonstrates competency
  • Trainers of Record must maintain and incorporate documentation of these assessments into each certificate issued.

Submission and Approval

Trainers of Record must notify us immediately in writing of any changes to their approved program, i.e., the trainer of record, curriculum, course content, method of evaluation, etc., as changes must be approved by the Department prior to implementation. In addition, the approved Trainer of Record must complete an annual Trainer Verification Statement regarding the training being offered.


The Department of Human Services reserves the right to periodically audit all approved trainers and training. Approval of your training may be rescinded by the Department if, after an audit, it is determined that trainer credentials or training content is fraudulent, and/or the training content or evaluation plan were not implemented as approved by the Department.


Checklist of Materials to Submit For Pre-licensing Training Evaluation and Approval



Please contact Genie Hurt at 303-866-4595 or email with any questions.


Please Submit Application to:

Genie Hurt

Division of Child Care

1575 Sherman Street, 1st Floor

Denver, CO 80203

Phone - 303-866-4595

Fax - 303-866-4453