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Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

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Facility Location and Contact Information

1427 West Rio Grande, Colorado Springs Colorado 80906

Director, Daniel Beilfuss (719) 329-6921
Assistant Director, Eugene Moore (719) 329-6923
Clinical Director, Carey Boelter (719) 329-6927
Facility Supervisors, Don Sanders & Tom Andrews (719) 329-6922
Principal, Allison Hanson (719) 329-6931
Program Assistant, Angela Pope (719) 329-6925
Administrative Assistant, Casey Doyle (719) 329-6920
Control (719) 329-6924


Program Information


Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center’s (ZPYSC) vision is positive choices today for successful youth tomorrow. The facilities mission statement is to maintain a standard of excellence, which empowers committed youth to become productive community members by providing a structured environment, providing offender accountability to victims and communities and assisting youth in developing skills and competencies to successfully reintegrate into the communities.

ZPYSC is a 36-bed secure treatment facility for male juvenile offenders committed to the Division of Youth Corrections (DYC). Zebulon Pike serves youth from 12-20 years of age who have high-risk needs and have committed various crimes to include violent offenses, property crimes and/or sexual offenses.

Providing a safe and secure environment through clear directions, appropriate consequences and frequent rewards is a priority. The youth receiving services at ZPYSC present with complex needs; many are in need of Family Interventions, Substance Abuse Treatment, Parenting Classes, Vocational/Life Skills Building, Positive Replacement Activities and Self Esteem Building.

The Staff at ZPYSC committed to serving this complex population, consists of four administrators and their support staff, four counseling professionals and contractors. The facility also employs twenty-eight direct care staff that work with the youth on a daily basis;this includes residential, security and school personnel.

Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center offers an on-site education program that includes classroom instruction, GED preparation, business management, vocational programs and transition activities. Post Secondary education programs are an option for eligible students. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled quarterly to ensure the academic success of the youth. Award ceremonies are held quarterly and graduation services occur twice per year.

ZPYSC provides structured, consistent treatment services in a safe environment. An individual treatment plan is developed for each youth within 30 days of arrival to the center. Zebulon Pike’s registered nurse triages medical treatment on a daily basis. The Facility psychologist visits the facility weekly and on an emergent basis when indicated. Other interventions include treatment groups focused on Misuse of Power, Cognitive Behavioral Care Core Curriculum, Counseling overseen by licensed mental health professionals, Sex Offense Specific treatment by a SOMB (Sex Offender Management Board) approved provider and substance abuse treatment from a certified addictions counselor.


Transition is an essential part of each youth’s preparation to successfully return to the community. ZPYSC focuses on a gradual return to the community and strives to introduce the youth to a variety of pro-social activities including social gatherings, community support groups, partnerships with local businesses and step down programs to help the child to safely return home or emancipate.


Program Brochure

Youth Handbook

Voting Rights of Individuals in the Custody of the Division of Youth Corrections


Youth Served


Zebulon Pike serves male youth from 12-20 years of age



Visitation is an avenue to build and maintain healthy family and community relationships.  Families of youth in the care of the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections are encouraged to visit the facility. All visits require a scheduled appointment. You can request visitation by contacting the Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center Control Center at (719) 329-6924.

Visitation Procedures


Visitation Hours


Saturday-Sunday: 1:00 pm and 7:15 pm



For Bus Route information please visit: http://hiwire.springsgov.com:114/

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