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Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center

  • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center - Campus
  • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center - Campus
  • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center - Family Park
  • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center - Graduation
  • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center - Academy
  • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center - Group Meeting

Facility Location and Contact Information

2901 Ford Street Golden, Colorado 80401

Director, Jason Lillich (303) 273-2607
Assistant Director, Shull, Maricela (303) 273-2606
Assistant Director, Jeff Blackmon (303) 273-2608
Clinical Director, Jesse Roberts (303) 273-2755
Principal, Joshua VanAuken (303) 273-2629
School Registrar, Kimberly Wilton (303) 273-2645
Program Assistant, Keri Wells (303) 273-2604
Administrative Assistant, Cindy Craig (303) 273-2603
Administrative Assistant, Mary Powers (303) 273-2605
Control Center (303) 273-2600


Program Information


Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center (LMYSC), located in Golden Colorado, is an intensive secure treatment program for 130 male juvenile offenders.  LMYSC provides for the care and supervision of youth committed by the District Court to the custody of the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Corrections.  Lookout Mountain is designed to meet the needs of DYC’s highest risk youth and accepts referrals from all four of the Division’s management regions.

Youth placed at Lookout have a complex array of issues and needs.  Between 70-75% of Lookout youth present with a mental health diagnosis other than Conduct Disorder.  The most common diagnoses include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mood disorders, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Well over half of the youth referred to Lookout Mountain have substance abuse issues.  In addition to these treatment needs, one third of Lookout residents have limited cognitive abilities.

LMYSC offers comprehensive services to committed youth and their families.  Using cognitive behavioral and social learning modalities, Lookout Mountain’s programming provides an environment where therapeutic and strength-based relationships may develop. Services consist of academic and career technology programming, recreation, medical and dental. Spiritual life and pastoral care are provided by Youth for Christ and Straight Ahead Colorado.   Treatment services are provided for substance abuse, family, mental health, and offense specific treatment needs.  Programming is grounded in the principles of Restorative Community Justice (RCJ).

In collaboration with regional Client Managers, Lookout Mountain utilizes a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach.  The MDT process provides a structured setting for the development of individualized treatment plans, treatment plan review, and case related decision-making.  MDT members include the youth, the family, natural community supports, the Client Manager, representatives from various facility disciplines including clinical, education, line staff and medical providers when appropriate. The youth’s case plan and their individual treatment plan guide them throughout their placement at LMYSC by identifying goals, objectives, and target interventions. 


Program Brochure 

Youth Handbook

 Voting Rights of Individuals in the Custody of the Division of Youth Corrections


Youth Served


  • Youth requiring secure care who are committed through the court system to the custody of the Colorado Department Of Human Services.
  • Youth may be referred from any region of the state and subsequently receive services at LMYSC.
  • Male population




Visitation is an avenue to build and maintain healthy family and community relationships.  Families of youth in the care of the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections are encouraged to visit the facility. All visits require a scheduled appointment. You can request visitation by contacting the LMYSC Control Center at (303) 273-2600.


Visitation Procedures

Visitation Hours


Monday-Friday by appointment
Saturday/Sunday 10:30am-5pm 



For Bus Route information please visit: http://rtd-denver.com/

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