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Substance Use Encounters

Encounter Implementation Timeline

November 1

Behavioral health providers (CMHCs and MSOs) to begin collecting data

December 31

Behavioral health providers to report data to OBH


 * MH Contract Status Report will only include special studies codes agreed upon at the March FDAG
Meeting. Development of Contract Status Report with new special studies codes will begin as soon as new CCAR/DACODS development is completed.

SUD Encounter Data Submission Policy


  • DACODS and SUD encounter data must be submitted on all clients receiving substance abuse services in an OBH licensed facility.
  • ALL SUD encounter data required by OBH must be submitted to the same entity that is collecting/submitting the DACODS. If agency submits DACODS directly to OBH, agency must submit encounter directly to OBH. If agency submits DACODS to MSO, agency must send corresponding encounter to MSO. If agency submits DACODS to BHO, agency must send encounter to BHO. The BHO and MSO will send DACODS and encounter to OBH.
  • If SUD encounter additionally needs to be submitted to HCPF for payment, that encounter must additionally be sent to the BHO. The BHO will forward all applicable SUD encounters to HCPF and not send a duplicate encounter to OBH.