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Data Integration Intiative

DII Data Element Selection


The Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) within the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) currently has two legacy data systems (CCAR and DACODS) that make it difficult, time consuming, and expensive to track co-occurring clients and ensure that those clients are receiving appropriate care. With decision item funding OBH is designing, developing, and implementing a web-based data collection system that spans the entire behavioral health system and better integrates with health care professionals, other government agencies and entities (e.g., CDHS Divisions and Offices, HCPF, CDPHE, CO Health Information Exchange, All Payer Claims Database).


This project has been ongoing for the past (2 years) where there have been many stakeholder groups, work groups, and thoughtful planning; however, the Office recognizes there may still be feedback surrounding proposed measures and data components not captured in formal meetings. As each proposed section reaches its last stages of revision, segments will be posted on the website. Please use this survey to give feedback on any posted information. Also please use this survey to ask any questions for the OBH DII developers. The DII team greatly appreciates your feedback.  



DII Consensus Meeting

On August 28th, OBH hosted the DII Consensus Conference. The Consensus Conference was a forum for stakeholders to discuss proposed data elements for the new DII system. Each stakeholder was able to vote on every proposed data element through a Survey Monkey poll. The results for each data element were revealed at the conference. Nancy Vandemark delivered opening remarks and the remainder of the conference was facilitated by Kendall Sauer. Those proposed data elements which were approved by super-majority and will be included into the new system. To see an overview of the results, please reference the powerpoint. Note this vote did not include all items possible for the new tool, rather it was a first step in identifying elements for ADULT populations in longer treatment settings.


The next step is to conduct a series of meetings to discuss meaningful outcomes and data elements for different populations (e.g. children/adolescents) and settings (e.g. crisis, detox). These meetings will be held in the fall and winter of 2015.


Please see the following materials used for the voting process.

1) Data Elements Proposal

2) Consensus Meeting Powerpoint


If you have further questions or comments please see the survey link for feedback to the DII team.


Please click here to complete the survey.


We would like to thank all the parties who have participated in this collaborative DII data element identification process.





Data Integration Initiative History


  • Amount funded by Decision Item – $480,000 ($288,000 – General Fund, $192,000 – Federal Funding)
  • Effective date of funding – July 1, 2013.
  • The Department received $480,000 Total Funds ($288,000 General Fund and $192,000 Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Federal Funds) in FY 2013-14 to develop, design, implement and maintain the Colorado Integrated Behavioral Health Services Data Collection System (IBHS).
  • The DII will consolidate the State’s mental health and substance use disorder data currently used for client records and analysis and include physical health data. The DII will replace the mental health Colorado Clinical Assessment Record (CCAR) system and the substance use disorder Drug/Alcohol Coordinated Drug System (DACODS).
  • OBH: 
    • Troy Evatt, Project Manager
    • Kendall Sauer, M.A.