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The DACODS/CCAR project changes are being made to address 3 main points:


1. To better inform C-Stat which is a program introduced by CDHS executive director Reggie Bicha to make more informed decisions through statistical analysis;

2. To move our DACODS and CCAR data collection tools closer to being meaningful use compliant and match one another in anticipation of an integrated behavioral tool in 2015; and

3. In anticipation of changes being proposed to the Federal Block Grant.


OBH is planning for statewide CCAR and DACODS Revisions trainings later this year to be in-sync with the implementation of the revisions in early CY 2014.

DACODS/CCAR Implementation Timeline 

November 26

DACODS/CCAR Revisions Recommendation reported to C-STAT Leadership

December 17

CSTAT Leadership approves Revisions Recommendation

January 17 Initial DACODS/CCAR documentation submitted
January 28 DACODS/CCAR Definitions Group formed
February 1 Initial DACODS/CCAR documentation feedback deadline
March 21 DACODS/CCAR Definitions Group completed recommendations
April 18 DACODS/CCAR documentation submitted
  DACODS/CCAR timeline submitted
April 26 DACODS/CCAR documentation feedback deadline
May 20 DACODS/CCAR documentation finalized
June 1 180 day DACODS/CCAR development timeline begins
January 1 Behavioral health providers (CMHCs and MSOs) to begin collecting CCAR and DACODS Revisions data
February 15 Behavioral health providers to report DACODS data to OBH
February 28 Behavioral health providers to report CCAR data to OBH

  • Steering Committee Members
    • Tom Bonde

    • J.C. Carrica

    • Marc Condojani, co-chairman

    • Frank Cornelia

    • Bill Dolan

    • Troy Evatt, co-chairman

    • Lisa Gawenus

    • Mary Jane Glaspey

    • Carmen Iacino

    • John Mahalik

    • Megan Pope

    • Lenya Robinson

    • John Wilde

    • Angi Wold

  • Steering Committee Meetings - Coming Soon
  • Polls - Coming Soon
  • Latest News - Coming Soon
  • Upcoming Events - Coming Soon