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Disclosure Statement for OBH Licensed Providers



The 2011 Colorado Legislature made several changes to the mental health licensing statute in passing Senate Bill 11-187 (SB11-187).  Among those changes was an update for the mandatory disclosure statement with additional requirements that became effective July 1, 2011.  


Model Disclosure Statement



Following a review by the Office of Behavioral Health, it was determined that this disclosure statement needs further revisions for those addiction counselors working in a OBH licensed agency in order to comply with the OBH Substance Use Disorder Treatment Rules and the federal regulation requirement of 42 C.F.R.  All providers need to update their disclosure statements to be in compliance with the Colorado law.  A sample disclosure statement is provided here for use by all addiction counselors and others working in a OBH licensed agency.  This is a guide only and not a legal document.  Also provided are two examples of a disclosure statement using a fictitious agency.  Example #1 is with a single counselor provided here and Example #2 is with multiple counselors provided here.