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Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center




SB-97 Treatment Alternatives Collaboration (TAC) Program


In collaboration with local law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies, Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center created the Treatment Alternatives Collaboration (TAC) Program in July 2008.  This program is funded by monies received by Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center through Senate Bill 97. The TAC Program targets adults with mental illness and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorders who are currently involved with the criminal justice system. 

TAC Program Partners/ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Participants:


  • Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center
  • Tenth Judicial District Combined Courts
  • The Pueblo Police Department
  • The Pueblo County Sheriffs’ Office and County Jail
  • Pueblo Parole Office
  • Tenth Judicial District Attorney’s Office
  • Pueblo Office of the Public Defender
  • Tenth Judicial District Probation Department


We work together to identify offenders who could benefit from treatment alternatives to incarceration to reduce recidivism, and related costs to the criminal justice system, and increase availability of treatment.

The TAC Program currently has the capacity to serve 50 adult offenders, at any given time.  We have received over 200 referrals during the first two years of the program. Using the conceptual framework of the Sequential Intercept Model, adult offenders are identified, intercepted and diverted at all points in the criminal justice system. 

TAC Program Interventions:


Law Enforcement Patrol Level Interventions:  All police and sheriff’s deputies in Pueblo have been trained by TAC staff on the protocol and criteria for referring individuals to the TAC Program.  Officers can make direct referrals or can request that their dispatch make a referral.  The TAC Case Manager makes contact with each referral within 72 hours to assess for possible admission to the TAC Program.


Pre-Filing Diversion: Deferred Prosecution:  We have worked with the District Attorney’s Office to create a procedure that allows the Deputy District Attorney to refer a case to the TAC Program for a period of 6-24 months, in lieu of prosecution.  Upon successful completion of the TAC program, charges are dismissed.


TAC as a Condition of Bond:  The TAC Program can accept individuals, as appropriate, into the program as a condition of bond, enabling them to be released from jail sooner.  We do assessments at the jail, when necessary.  These clients are then often sentenced to TAC and probation.


Sentencing to TAC in lieu of DOC/Jail time:  The TAC Program accepts clients who are sentenced to TAC and Probation, or only the TAC program, in lieu of sentencing to DOC/ Jail time.


Probation and Parole:  For many of our clients, participation in the TAC Treatment Program is a condition of their probation/parole.

Services Provided

Utilizing an integrated treatment approach, clients enrolled in the TAC Program may receive:

  • Integrated outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment based on individual needs 
  • Evidence-Based Treatment:  CBT, DBT, REBT, MRT and Motivational Interviewing
  • Intensive residential treatment, as needed.
  • Transitional Employment (TE) and Supported Employment (SE) opportunities
  • Case Management Services
  • Psychiatric services/ Medication Management
  • Assistance with benefits acquisition, referral to vocational rehabilitation/employment, and housing resources.
  • For clients with more acute illness and need for intensive treatment, we have a 24-hour Acute Treatment Unit (ATU
  • Access to consumer-run Recovery Center


Additionally, SPMHC helps to coordinate and provide two Crisis Intervention Trainings (CIT) each year for post-certified law enforcement officers. This training increases officers’ knowledge and their ability to identify and interact with people who may have a mental illness.

SPMHC TAC Program Contacts:
Miguel Messina MS, LPC, LAC
Director of Adult Services
3691 Parker Blvd. Suite 200
Pueblo Co, 81008
Phone: (719) 423-1479


Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center
Website: http://www.spmhc.org/