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North Range Behavioral Health

North Range Behavioral Health Network
Behavioral Alternative Services

The Behavioral Alternative Services In Community (BASIC) Team takes a unique approach to
working with individuals who have legal involvement because of their mental health and/or
substance abuse disorder. It is a fully integrated team with professionals from both the mental
health and substance abuse fields (employed by NRBH and IGRTC). The staff is cross-trained
in assessing and treating co-occurring disorders. The team works closely with the In-Custody
Alternative Placement Program (ICAPP) of Weld County to identify and divert individuals with
mental health and/or substance abuse issues from custody and maintain them in the community.
The ICAPP committee consists of representatives from the court system (District Attorney and
Public Defender) the legal system (jail, probation, and parole) and providers (Avalon, Island
Grove and North Range). Members of the group provide screening and oversight for the project.
The goal of the team is to reduce jail time for individuals whose mental illness and/or addiction
has lead to involvement with the legal system. These individuals often languish in incarceration
for longer periods of time than the average inmate due to their behavioral health issues. They
often have housing issues and have few or no vocational skills and thus need more than
outpatient therapy to successfully pursue recovery.

The program utilizes a thorough assessment of clinical, legal and community/client safety
concerns followed by services in the appropriate level of care. Some individuals will receive
services from Acute Services (Detox), Transitional Residential Treatment (TRT), or the Acute
Treatment Unit (ATU) with adjunctive case management and discharge planning from BASIC
during their stay and will move to lower levels of care when ready. Others will start with the
outpatient treatment and support with or without residential placement depending upon needs.
The outpatient services are delivered according to the Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment
(IDDT) model of care and/or other treatment models as appropriate to meet the needs of an
individual client. The Treatment Team consists of clinical staff working on BASIC, providers
within the residential/treatment team and appropriate legal representatives from such entities as
Probation, Parole, or Pre-trial Diversion. This group meets regularly to adjust the service plan so
that adequate services are provided to ensure recovery and to maintain community safety.

Island Grove Regional Treatment Center
1260 H Street
Greeley, CO 80631


Dana Wellman
Program Manager


Jacki Kennedy
Crisis Stabilization Director
970/347-2495 NRBH; 970/313-1175 IGRTC


North Range Behavioral Health
Website: http://northrange.org/