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Community Reach Center

Community Reach Center
Adult Forensic Program/CESE/Adam’s County Jail
Community Engagement, Supervision, & Evaluation (CESE) Program


CESE Program Status Report: 

  • Total number of CESE Participants as of 12/31/2009: 71
  • Total CESE Graduates since program inception: 18
  • Total number of CESE graduates who return to ACDF Jail, 1 Prison, or other Colorado jails for either a technical violation or a new charge three years post graduation.
  • Unsuccessfully Discharged CESE Participants: 33

CESE Program Description: Our goals and objectives are focused on how to best serve both
the mental health needs of our consumers but also to serve our community by improving safety
and wellness. The CESE Program accepts clients with misdemeanors and non-violent felonies.
Violent felonies are assessed on a case by case basis. Charges include assaults, DUIs, and
domestic violence. We are pleased to report that our CESE Board unanimous agreed to three
specific measures of recidivism: (1) returns to either jail or prison for either technical violations
or new charges, (2) conviction of a legal charge after their graduation from CESE, and (3)
number of days spent in jail before, during and one year post-CESE graduation.

Services Provided: CESE clients are first assessed by the CESE therapist and probation officer
either while out on bond or at the Adams County Jail. Once assessed, they are screened by a
panel of mental health clinicians at Community Reach Center. This panel includes the program
manager, therapist, nurse supervisor, probation officer, case manager and psychiatrist. Once
screened, clients are either accepted into the program or denied. Once accepted into the
program, clients are sentenced to CESE as a condition of 17th Judicial District Probation. They
begin intensive services and are seen between three and five times per week, depending on their
needs and level of supervision. Clients also meet with the case manager to immediately begin
working on housing attainment, benefit acquisition, food stamps and so on. Some clients come
specifically for their appointments and to check in with the probation officer, while others attend
daily to check in, receive medications, receive daily BA, or in some cases simply to develop a
sense of structure and purpose. Specific services which are provided include:


  • Group & Individual Therapy including but not limited to: DBT, CBT and IDDT
  • Probation Supervision & Monitoring
  • Medication Management
  • Periodic sobriety testing via breathalyzers, urine screens and/or oral swabs

Collaboration with Stakeholders: The CESE Program is a collaboration of Adams County
Sheriff’s Office, Adams County Public Defender’s Office, Adams County District Court, 17th
Judicial District Attorney, 17th Judicial District Probation and Community Reach Center. A
Business Associate Agreement is in place and is reviewed periodically with all
Stakeholders/CESE Board members. Additionally, some of the CESE Board members all attend
the monthly Metro Area County Commissioners (MACC) Mentally Ill Inmates Task Force
(MIITF) subcommittee meetings which address jail diversion, as well as how to treat mentally ill
individuals within the justice system.

Email Address: a.tucker@communityreachcenter.org

8931 Huron Street
Thornton, Colorado 80260
Main Phone Number:  303-853-3500
Email Address: information@communityreachcenter.org
Website Address: www.communityreachcenter.org

Community Reach Center
Website: www.communityreachcenter.org