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SAPT Block Grant Population Based


Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Population Based



Applicant Agency

Contract Number

DBH Program Manager

DBH Fiscal Manager

Boulder County Healthy Youth Alliance 11 IHM 16320 Lisa Finch Ralph Duran
Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo, Inc. 11 IHM 16327 Sharon Liu Ralph Duran
Delta Montrose Youth Services, Inc. 11 IHM 16325 Deb Hutson Ralph Duran
Lake County Department of Human Services 11 IHM 16316 Lisa Finch Ralph Duran

Summit County Family Resource Center dba Family & Intercultural Resource Center

11 IHM 16318 Deb Hutson Ralph Duran
TEAM Fort Collins 11 IHM 16321 Sharon Liu Ralph Duran
The BACCHUS Network 11 IHM 16330 Sharon Liu Ralph Duran