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Women's Treatment FAQs




Do I need a women’s gender-specific treatment license in order to treat women? 

No, you can treat women without the women’s gender-specific license. If you want to advertise your services as being licensed gender-specific services, you need that license.


Why do women need special services when they’re half of the population? 

Traditional substance use disorder treatment has generally not been evaluated with any attention paid to the gender differences that could influence engagement in treatment, retention in treatment and treatment outcomes. Women have typically not participated in treatment in numbers proportionate to their population. Women’s gender-specific treatment attempts to tailor treatment in such a way that women are more likely to come to treatment, participate and benefit from treatment, and to have positive treatment outcomes.


When does it make sense for a woman to have a male counselor, or to participate in co-ed groups?

It depends upon her stage of recovery. Practice-based evidence has shown that newly sober women will generally do better in all-women groups and treatment environments, where women with more time in recovery can benefit from work with a male counselor who has good boundaries.