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CAC Handbook for Addiction Counselors


The Office of Behavioral Health has created a handbook designed to help guide those who wish to pursue an addiction credential in Colorado. The CAC Handbook  provides information about these important subjects:


  • Information Regarding the Revised Addiction Counselor Certification and Licensure Rules (effective 11/1/2013)
  • Pathways to Certification and Licensure
  • Work Verification Form and Clinically Supervised Work Experience
  • Clinical Supervision in OBH CAC Rules (21.330.7)
  • National Examinations
  • DORA Database Listing Requirements for Addiction Counselors
  • Online Jurisprudence Exam
  • Summary of Required Classes for CAC I, CAC II, and CAC III (High School diploma or Behavioral   Health Bachelor's Degree)
  • CAC Certification Tracking Sheet (High School diploma or Behavioral Health Bachelor's Degree)
  • Summaries of Required Classes for CAC II, CAC III or LAC (Clinical Master's or Doctorate Degree)
  • CAC and LAC Tracking Sheet (Clinical Master's and Doctorate Degree)
  • Education Equivalency for Addiction Counselor Certification
  • Course Descriptions of the Required CAC Clinical Training Program Classes


CAC Handbook for Addiction Counselors, updated 7/14/2015