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Access to Recovery (ATR)


Colorado Access to Recovery (ATR) is a federally funded initiative expanding access to substance abuse treatment and recovery support services to over 8,000 people over a four-year period. The Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) has been awarded a four-year grant by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment [1] to expand existing treatment capacity, increase client choice of treatment provider, and enhance the participation of community and faith based organizations in providing support for individuals with substance abuse problems.

The program currently provides outpatient treatment services in rural areas of the state and to National Guard and other military services.

The program also provides funding for supportive housing, peer support groups, relapse prevention, faith based support, employment assistance, and other services to help individuals stay in and complete treatment and sustain recovery after completing treatment.

Primary Partners
Colorado ATR is a collaboration involving a number of partners. OBH is responsible for oversight of the project. Mines and Associates (Mines) conducts the telephone screening, face to face assessment, and referral to treatment. Aspenpointe oversees the provider enrollment and payment processes and issues vouchers for assessment, treatment, recovery support and follow-up services. OMNI Institute (OMNI) coordinates the administrative aspects of the project including data collection and reporting. Other partners include Advocates for Recovery and the Colorado Association of Alcohol and Drug Service Providers.


Screening and Assessment
Mines and Associates completes an eligibility screening of individuals seeking services from Colorado ATR and schedules a face to face appointment with an assessor. During the face to face appointment, a clinician administers the Addiction Severity Index, or Teen Addiction Severity Index. Determination of the appropriate level of treatment is completed using the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) placement criteria. Further assessment of the individual's need for supportive services such as transportation, childcare, peer support, and basic needs is also conducted at this time.
Provider Enrollment
Any Colorado licensed substance abuse treatment provider who completed an enrollment form and agrees to accept Colorado ATR rates and reporting requirements is eligible to provide services. Providers of recovery support services such as peer support, transportation, and child care are screened based on industry standards in their field and must agree to Colorado ATR rates and reporting requirements. For additional information please contact Ryan Smith at 719-314-2524.


Client Eligibility
ATR covers the entire state and is available for anyone over the age of twelve who lacks the ability to pay for the needed service.

[1] This project is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant number: H79TI019433.


Colorado Access to Recovery
Bert Singleton 303-866-7860

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