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Minor In Possession (MIP) Services


MIP is not focused on drinking and driving; rather it is focused on the possession of alcohol by a minor. Young people under the age of 21 receive this citation when they are cited for underage drinking. On average across the state, 10,000 citations are issued each year. This reflects the need to develop consistent services to this population to decrease repeat offenses and increase positive decision making skills.  Early onset drinking has been shown to significantly increase the risk of future alcohol-related problems. In an attempt to bring consistency across the state for those providers working with this population, the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Rules will be revised to include a new level of care that will address education and treatment services specific to MIP clients.

To view education and treatment requirements for Minor in Possession Offender Services (pending approval of rule revisions), click here.

For further information, feel free to contact Katie Wells, Manager of Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Programs for the Division of Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorders Section, at (303) 866-7501 or by e-mail at katie.wells@state.co.us.