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Therapeutic Activity Internship

Therapeutic Activity Department Internships in Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Recreation Therapy


The Music Therapy internship program is actively accepting and training interns. Contact Melissa Munder at (303) 866-7599.

The Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education program is accepting applications, interviewing students, and providing Level II fieldwork education. Contact Janice Hinds at (303) 866.7640.

The Recreation Therapy internship program is accepting applications and providing internships.  Please contact Jean Langel at (303) 866-7575 or Melissa Munder at (303) 866-7599 for availability.


Clients Served
Setting(s): Inpatient psychiatric units and long term psychiatric treatment units
Population(s): Mental health
Age range: Adult


Internship Site Characteristics
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan was established in 1961 as the second state supported psychiatric hospital in Colorado. It is located on 233 acres in southwest Denver and is so named because it occupies the site of the old Fort Logan Army Post. A wide variety of mental health treatment programs are provided to residents of the Denver metropolitan area, north central, and northeastern Colorado. These areas make up approximately 80% of the state's population. Patients are referred to Fort Logan by the community mental health centers. The treatment programs provide acute inpatient treatment for the adult population. Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Therapeutic Recreation programming are provided on the various treatment units, with a primary therapist assigned to each unit. CMHIFL operates a total of 94 beds. Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan is a major component in an integrated public mental health system.


The Fort Logan Therapeutic Activity Department intern can expect experience working closely with the psychiatric population utilizing Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Recreation Therapy. Interns are exposed to other professional disciplines and acquire knowledge of a variety of psychiatric disorders and treatment approaches. Skills in charting, assessment, recovery oriented, goal and objective formulation, behavior management, design and implementation of treatment programming and group process, are emphasized. Interns and students have the opportunity to interpret their respective therapy principles/methods to other professionals in both oral and written form through formal assessment, assessment interviewing, treatment planning, and discipline meetings. Weekly in-service training is provided on a variety of subjects relating to the internship. There is freedom to explore and implement new ideas and concepts within the program. The intern can also expect guidance and supervision throughout their clinical training experience. Interns are provided professional quality equipment such as digital keyboards, electronic/acoustic instruments, and developmental learning materials to name a few. Interns can expect to have their emotions, perceptions, values, and professional skills challenged, and will leave feeling well prepared for employment as a Board Certified Music Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Registered, or Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.


Starting Months: Vary by discipline-please contact the respective internship director
Housing: Not available, low cost housing provided first come-first served.
Meals: Not provided
Stipend: $0.00


Address for Correspondence:
Therapeutic Activities Department
Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan
3520 W Oxford Ave
Denver, CO 80236


Clinical Training Director(s) Contact Information


Music Therapy
Melissa Munder, Neurologic Music Therapist, MT-BC, CPRP
Therapeutic Activity Department Director
Phone: (303) 866-7599
Click here for a Music Therapy application form


Occupational Therapy
Janice Hinds, MS, OTR
Phone: (303) 866-7640
Prospective OT Fieldwork Students, refer to "letter of interest" by clicking here.
Click here for an Occupational Therapy, Fieldwork Level II, application form


Recreation Therapy
Please contact Jean Langel for all inquiries related to the TR Internship Program:
Jean Langel, CTRS
Phone: (303) 866-7575