Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers

Any person who distributes any federal or state restricted use pesticide must be licensed by Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) as an RUP Pesticide Dealer. RUP's are for retail sale or distribution only to certified applicators and use only by certified applicators. Each business location and each business name must be licensed.

Any herbicide product that contains one or more of the following active ingredients is a Colorado State Restricted Use Pesticide:


Sodium Chlorate
Sodium Metaborate



How do I obtain a Pesticide Dealer License?

To obtain a license submit the Application for Pesticide Dealer License with an application fee of $50.00 to the Department of Agriculture at the address below. Checks should be made payable to: Colorado Department of Agriculture. 


Application for Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer License pdf file

Instructions - Application for Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer License  

2012 Renewal Memo for RUP Dealers

Pesticide Dealer Information Change Notification

Note: The above links are Adobe Acrobat files. If you have trouble opening the documents, please contact Barbara Bliss at 303-239-4181 to obtain a copy of the license application via email or U.S. Mail.

 Sample RUP Log for RUP Dealersexcel spreadsheet

Private Pesticide Applicator & Supervisor List for Pesticide Dealers

Please contact Carol Barton at (303) 869-9064 to obtain information on Private Applicators & Supervisors.