Special Local Needs (SLN) Pesticide List for Colorado

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Section 24(c) allows States to register additional uses of a federally registered pesticide.

These additional uses are for distribution and use within a particular state to meet a "special local need" (SLN).

An applicator must have the 24(c) Supplemental Label in their possession to apply SLN products.

The following list is for Colorado only.

Where available, to obtain the label you need click on the label name below to open a pdf of the label.
Product Brand Name EPA Reg# Registrant Name Date issued SLN# Authorized Use Site
Authority MTZ DF Herbicide   279-3340 FMC Corporation 3/7/2014 CO-140001 For control of Kochia, russian thistle, and lambsquarters on fallow land. Fallow
Balance Flexx 264-1067 Bayer CropScience LP 2/17/09 CO-090001
For Control of Broadleaf Weeds and Grasses in Field Corn.
Beacon Herbicide   100-705 Syngenta 11/9/2005 CO-05-0004 Kentucky bluegrass grown for sod production Bluegrass sod
Beleaf 50 SG 7512-10-279 FMC Corporation 6/25/09 CO-090005 Control of lygus bugs and aphids Alfalfa, seed production
Brigade 2EC 279-3313 FMC Corporation 5/15/09 CO-090003 Insect control in alfalfa grown for seed Alfalfa
Carnivore Herbicide 1381-249 Winfield Solutions, LLC 5/27/2014 CO-140002 Fallow land, Kochia control  Fallow
Carzol SP 10163-265 Gowan Company 8/8/2006 CO-060008 Insect contorl in alfalfa grown for seed Alfalfa, seed prod
Chateau Herbicide SW  59639-99 Valent 10/20/11 CO-110003 Weed control in established Alfalfa grown for seed only Alfalfa, seed prod
Chateau Herbicide WDG 59639-119 Valent 7/23/2010 CO-100005 For weed control in established Alfalfa grown for seed only. Alfalfa for seed only
Comite II 400-154 Chemtura 5/7/2008 CO-080002 Mite control in alfalfa grown for seed Alfalfa, seed prod
CONTRAC All-Weather Blox 12455-79 Bell Laboratories, Inc. 9/12/12 CO-120003 Control of wood rats and deer mice in and around man-made structures Man-made structures
264-1066 Bayer CropScience LP 3/27/09 CO-090002 Additional soil restrictions for isoxaflutole Corn
DECCO 271 Aerosol 2792-70 Decco Cerexagri Inc. 1/23/2007 CO-070001 Potato sprout inhibition Potato
Dibrom 8 Emulsive 5481-479 Amvac Chemical Corporation 7/7/1999 CO-990011 To control lygus in seed alfalfa Alfalfa, seed prod
Distance Insect Growth Regulator 59639-96 Valent 11/3/2001 CO-010007 Whitefly control on greenhouse tomatoes, 7 day PHI. Tomatoes, GH
Dual Magnum 100-816 Syngenta 3/10/1999 CO-990002 For control of weeds in dry bulb onions Onion
Dual Magnum Herbicide 100-816 Syngenta 4/1/2003 CO-03-0008 Spinach, weed control Spinach
Enhance 400-554 Chemtura 5/8/2008 CO-080004 Seed treatment for certain native grass seed grown only for seed product, to control smut and other diseases Native grasses for seed
Ethrel GH Tomato 264-267 Bayer CropScience LP   CO-080006 For use on large-fruited greenhouse tomatoes Tomatoes
Gramoxone SL 2.0 100-1431 Syngenta 7/24/12 CO-120001 Preharvest desiccation of alfalfa grown for seed (not for human consumption) Alfalfa, seed prod
Hexygon DF Ovicide/Miticide 10163-251 Gowan Company 7/12/2001 CO-010006 To control banks grass mites in ornamental lawns and turf. Ornamentals
Intrepid 2F 62719-442 Dow Agrosciences 8/3/12 CO-120002 Aerial application on drybeans and sugarbeets at reduced gallonage (5 gap) Beans, dry edible, sugarbeets
Kerb 50 Selective Herbicide in WSP 62719-397 Dow AgroSciences 6/16/1999 CO-990010 Dodder control in alfalfa seed production Alfalfa, seed prod
Lorsban Advanced 62719-591 Dow AgroSciences 1/6/2009 CO-080008
Control of Grape Mealybugs and Cutworms Infesting Grapes
Lorsban Advanced 62719-591 Dow Agrosciences 6/29/2010 CO-100004 Control of Aphids Infesting Sweet Corn Sweet Corn
Mustang Max EC Insecticide 279-3327 FMC Corporation 1/11/2008 CO-080001 Insect control in sugarbeets Sugarbeet
Mustang Max Insecticide 279-3249 FMC Corporation 2/17/2010 CO-100001 Insect control in sugarbeets Sugarbeet
Omega 500F 71512-1 71512-1-100 ISK Biosciences Syngenta 4/9/2007 CO-070003 Potatoes, planting time treatment, powdery scab. ISK primary registrant, Syngenta subreg. Is what will be distributed (both same product name) Potato
Onager Miticide 10163-277 Gowan Company 10/31/08 CO-080007 To control spider mites in alfalfa and clover grown for seed Alfalfa, clover grown for seed
Orthene Turf, Tree & Ornamental Spray 97 5481-8978 Amvac Chemical Corporation 12/28/09 CO-090007 Soil injection for control of Aphids, Spider mites, Ash Sawfly Ornamentals
Orthene Turf, Tree & Ornamental WSP 5481-8978 Amvac Chemical Corporation 12/28/09 CO-090006 Soil injection for control of Aphids, Spider mites, Ash Sawfly Ornamentals
For use on Dry Beans Post Emergence
Dry Beans
PROWL H20 herbicide 241-418 BASF 1/24/2006 CO-060002 Weed control in dry bulb onion delayed preemergence Onion
Radius Herbicide 264-852 Bayer CropScience LP 10/21/2006 CO-060003 Weed control in corn Corn
Reflex Herbicide 100-993 Syngenta 5/21/2010 CO-100003 Weed control in dry beans Beans
Rimon 0.83 EC Insecticide 6622-35 66222-25-400 Makhteshim-Agan (MANA) Chemtura 4/18/2007 CO-070004 Insect control in alfalfa grown for seed Alfalfa, seed prod
Rovral 4F 264-482 Bayer CropScience LP 5/20/1994 CO-940004 Aerial application on onions at reduced gallonage Onion
Status Herbicide 7969-242 BASF 4/3/2007 CO-070002 Corn-allows aerial applications. Corn
Supracide 2E 10163-236 Gowan Company 5/23/2001 CO-010003 To control weevil, aphids, lygus, and leaf hoppers in alfalfa grown for seed. Alfalfa, seed prod
TerraMaster 4EC fungicide 400-422 Chemtura 7/1/2003 CO-03-0009 Tomatoes, root rot control, hydroponic greenhouse Tomatoes, GH
Vydate L Insecticide/Nematicide 352-372 DuPont Agricultural Products 7/11/2001 CO-010005 To suppress onion thrips and western flower thrips on bulb onions in Colorado. Onion