Qualified Supervisors (QS) & Certified Operators (CO)

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Welcome to the next generation in commercial pesticide application examinations. CDA has partnered with Metro Institute (an online testing company) and Colorado State University Extension to provide individuals wishing to license as a qualified supervisor or certified operator pesticide applicators examination locations outside of the Denver Metro area.

As a result of the partnership With Metro Institute (Metro), CDA has changed the qualified supervisor / certified operator examination procedures.  

  • All examinations are now scheduled online.
  • All examination fees are also required to be paid online.
  • The examination fee is now $31.50 for each exam as a result of the new examination procedures.
  • Testers are able to take only the examinations that they have scheduled and pre-paid for on the scheduled date and at the scheduled location.
  • For security purposes, you must have a valid e-mail account, without a valid e-mail account you will not be able to proceed with the examination process.
The process is as follows:

You will be asked to visit two parts of the Metro Institute Online Testing website in order to complete the exam application and scheduling a test. 
1. Complete the Exam Application.
  • The first part of the Metro Institute website provides information  to CDA through an Online Exam Application. CDA will use the information collected here to verify your CDA Pesticide Applicator ID number if you have one or to create a Pesticide Applicator ID number for you if you are new to the pesticide applicator examination process.
  • Metro Institute will send an e-mail to you with a user name and password for the exam application and a link to Scheduling part of the Metro Online Testing website. Please print or write down your user name and password because you will need it to proceed with the test scheduling process.
  • CDA will send an e-mail to you confirming your CDA Applicator ID number, please write down your CDA Applicator ID number for future use.
2. Schedule your Online test.
  • The second part of the Metro Institute website is where you will start the test scheduling process.
  • You will be prompted to enter your name and password provided by Metro Institute. 
  • The website will ask for some optional employer related information in addition to your CDA user name and password, although you may be asked to provide additional information that may be missing. The information collected at this website is used to create a Metro account that allows you to schedule and pay for exams. 
Please be aware that The CDA office is open Monday – Friday.  Any applications and exam scheduling requests submitted during the weekend will be processed as soon as possible during the Monday – Friday work week.
3. Once you complete the exam application, exam scheduling / location and exam payment process.
  • You will receive verification e-mails from both Metro Institute and CDA for each exam you requested and paid for, as each exam must be approved separately by CDA.
You may schedule and take the exams in any order you wish. Please be aware that all applicators are required to pass the General Exam in addition to passing at least one category exam before CDA will issue the qualified supervisor / certified operator license.
Anyone can take the qualified supervisor exam, however, a qualified supervisor license will be issued only to individuals that have met the specific pesticide application experience requirements prior to issuing the license.
Examination results or scores are valid for one year from the date of the passed exam. Individuals that have passed the qualified supervisor exams and are not able to meet the experience requirements can obtain a certified operator’s license. There is no additional license fee when upgrading a certified operator license to a qualified supervisor license under these circumstances. Please call 303-239-4178 if you have any questions about the testing or licensing process.

Begin the Metro Institute Online Pesticide Applicator Exam Application



The workshop(s) below have been approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for continuing education credit to renew your license as a qualified supervisor or certified operator. 

Click on the month you are interested in to see what workshops are available.


2014 / 2015 Workshops




















General Information:

  • Approved continuing education credits, registration fees and procedures vary with each workshop. If you wish further information on these workshop(s), including registration information, be sure to call the individuals listed under CONTACT prior to the workshop date.


  • The program for the workshop(s) should be reviewed carefully to make sure the material is applicable to your categories and your continuing education credit needs. If it is not, you should consider attending a workshop that is.


  • PLEASE NOTE: Seating may be limited and pre-registration may be required!


  • NOTE: Please check the expiration date of your current certified operator/qualified supervisor's license. If your license has expired you will not receive continuing education credits for workshops attended.


  • Accumulating the required continuing education credits does not automatically renew your license. In addition to accumulating the required continuing education credits, you must submit a renewal application and the $100.00 license renewal fee for QS and CO and $75 for PA in order to renew your license. If you have any questions regarding your certified operator/qualified supervisor, or Private Applicator license, contact the Division of Plant Industry office at (303) 239-4148.

  • NOTE: The Pesticide Applicators' Act requires that any licensee's information change including address changes must be submitted to the department within fifteen (15) days of such changes.


  • Required CECs for License Renewal:
    In order to renew a license without examination, each qualified supervisor, certified operator, and Private Applicator shall obtain the following credits prior to expiration of the license:



  • 2 credits in the subject area of applicable State, Federal, and Local Laws and Regulations

  • 1 credit in the subject area of Pesticides and Their Families

  • 1 credit in the subject area of Applicator Safety

  • 1 credit in the subject area of Public Safety

  • 1 credit in the subject area of Environmental Protection

  • 1 credit in the subject area of Use of Pesticides

  • 1 credit for each licensed category in the subject area of Pest Management except for Turf Pest Control, Ornamental Pest Control, & Residential/Commercial Pest Control which requires 2 credits in the subject area of pest management (Applies to QS and CO's only).