The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA)  is a USDA accredited certification agency.  Under the National Organic Program (NOP), products sold as organic in the United States must be certified by a USDA-NOP accredited certification agency.  

The CDA verifies that the requirements of organic production and handling practices meet the national standards. We certify Crop, Wild Crop, Process Handling and Livestock categories.  

For the Consumer -
The program assures consumers that these products are produced without prohibited substances such as synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

For the Producer -
The program allows participating producers to sell their products as USDA certified Organic.  The implementation of the USDA standards has brought uniformity to the organic industry throughout the United States. Colorado producers are able to sell their products in other states and countries without barriers.

If you are a Producer and want to be USDA certified -
Please contact the Department for an informational packet at (303) 869-9051 or request by email.

If you are renewing your certification -
Forms to renew certification are available on the relevant page listed on the left hand navigation section.

Residue Sampling and Unannounced Inspections Policies have been updated. The CDA will be conducting approximately 15 of each this year. If you would like more details, please see the Organic Publications & Policy Statements page.
Interested in International Export? The USDA has equivalency agreements with the EU, Canada and Japan. If you would like more information, please go to our International Evaluations & Export page.
A Crop Rotation Policy became effective October 2012. It has clarified crop rotation for operations using fallow as part of the rotation as well as consecutive year annual planting. Please read this policy as you may need to make changes to your operation to stay in compliance.
Organic Cost Share Reimbursement - Application Deadline November 15, 2014. The Colorado Department of agriculture has signed a new agreement with the United States Department of agriculture to distribute cost share reimbursement payments for the federal fiscal year(October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014) Click here for  the  Organic Certification Cost Reimbursement Documents page.

Please see the Organic Resources tab if you are interested in learning more about the NOP rules and regulations, marketing of organic product and organic growing practices.

Looking for organic seed? Check out the new database from AOSCA: The Organic Seed Finder (