Plant Exports

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) facilitates the export of plant products and commodities to other countries and other states by inspecting these products and certifying that they are free of insects, nematodes, plant diseases and/or weeds PRIOR to shipment. This service is offered to comply with receiving country or state requirements and regulations.

NOTE REGARDING FILLABLE FORMS:If you are using a Mac to open the certification forms, please note that you must use Adobe Reader NOT the Mac Preview Option which is the default software used when you double click on a pdf. If you use Preview the save your form and other built in features will not work. If you are using Adobe Reader and are still experiencing problems with your form please contact us.

Also if a "Please wait" page is displayed right click on the page and save the PDF document somewhere on your hard drive. Then open the PDF document from your hard drive to fill it out. After filling in the document form fields be sure to save your changes.

  • Request a certificate of origin.

  • Apply for a phtyosanitary certificate/use of PCIT   

    CDA issues nearly 4,000 phytosanitary certificates a year. We make every effort to issue a certificate the day your application is received. This timeline is adhered to if your application is in the PCIT (Phytosanitary Issuance and Tracking System) by 3:30 p.m. (MT) and all export requirements have been met.    Incomplete applications, uninspected commodities or foreign export requirements may delay the issuance of phtyosanitary certificates.  

    ** If a shipment requiring phytosanitary certification has left the state of Colorado without an inspection, you must contact USDA who will be able to inspect and issue a certificate at the port of export. 


The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) uses a web-based tracking system to receive applications and issue Federal and State Phytosanitary certificates. The Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance and Tracking (PCIT) System allows exporters to create and submit applications for certificates to export commodities online. Applications created in this fashion are automatically received by CDA and processed more efficiently. No more typing and faxing applications. PCIT allows exporters to view the progress of applications, print copies of applications and certificates and even save templates of applications created to help expedite the process on all ends.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this program, contact us at 303-869-9071.

The web address for PCIT is:

First time users: please click on 'New to PCIT?'; located under the login button

Complete the application and submit it to Lakewood Colorado. As long as your application is submitted by 3:30 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, we will process it the day received.


Laura Pottorff
Phytosanitary Coordinator