2013 Photo Contest Winners



 Grand Prize 

"A Fresh Start" 

Growing crops

Ryan Kanode, Haxtun, CO
Photo Taken in Dailey, CO

First Place - Agritourism 

"Preserving the Past" 

Bright red old tractor in front of a bright old building 

Linda Aubery, Delta, CO
Photo Taken in Cedarege, CO

First Place - Livestock 

"To Greener Pasture" 

  Livestock walking in line in the field
Samantha Kujala, Burns, CO
Photo Taken in Burns, CO 

First Place - Open Professional 

"Sunflower Sunset" 

Sunflowers under the sunset
Ron Harms, Brighton, CO
Photo Taken in Logan County, CO

First Place - People 

"Modeling 101" 

 A young girl and her calf 
Elena Drazev, Grand Junction, CO
Photo Taken in Hotchkiss, CO 

Honorable Mentions 


"At the Rodeo!"

 A man a the rodeo being knocked down by a bull  
Elena Drazev, Grand Junction, CO
Photo Taken in Delta, CO 



"Red on Blue"

 A bloomed cabbage 
Lisa Jensen, Pagosa Springs, CO
Photo Taken in Pagosa Springs, CO



 A crop sprinkler 

Janet Brophy, Haxtun, CO
Photo taken in Yuma County, CO




2 calfs rubbing heads together
Janet Brophy, Haxtun, CO
Photo taken in Yuma County, CO


"Reflecting off a Horses's Eye"

    A close up of a horses eye 
Tess Tucker, Ordway, CO
Photo Taken in Ordway, CO 


  Open Professional 

 "Orchard and Mt. Garfield" 

 A vineyard with a mountain in the back 
Jim Cox, Palisade, CO
Photo Taken in Palisade, CO