2012 Photo Contest Winners


Colorado...it's AgriCultural Photo Contest Rules & Entry Form

 Grand Prize 

"Checkin Cows" 

Man on horse watching cows 

Samantha Kujala
Photo Taken in Burns, CO

First Place - Agritourism 

"Come Help Us At The Ranch, Dude!" 

Dude Ranch
Elena Drazev, Grand Junction, CO
Photo Taken at Crystal Creek Corrals, Gunnison, CO


First Place - Crops 

"The Gleaner" 

 Tractor in a wheat field  
Sonya Hutchison, Merino, CO
Photo Taken in Merino, CO 

First Place - Open Professional 

"Colorado Sunset" 

Colorado Sunset
Marni Mattner, Denver, CO
Photo Taken at Daisy Lane Dairy, Cope, CO

First Place - People 

"3 Generations of John Deere" 

2 men 2 boys sitting on small trackers   
Rita Kleve, Holyoke, CO
Photo Taken in Holyoke, CO 

Honorable Mentions 


"Stephen in Corn Maze"

Little boy in a corn maze holding corn    
Joyce Simpleman, Keenesburg, CO
Photo Taken in Hudson, CO 




   "Dawn Over Ash Mesa Corn Field"

Wheat field during Dawn

Craig Hammes, Delta, CO
Photo Taken in Delta, CO


"Wheat Harvest"

Tractor in Wheat Field

Rita Kleve, Holyoke, CO
Photo Take in Holyoke, CO



Hay in hay field

 Gary Rich, Aurora, CO
Photo Taken West of DIA, CO



"Free Range Cattle"

Free range cattle
Dennis Krukover, Brooklyn, NY
Uncompahgre National Forest, CO


"The Kind Eye of a Gentle Giant"

   A Horses face up close 
Dee Jensen, Fleming, CO
Photo Taken in Sterling, CO 


  Open Professional 

 "Grazing Gold" 

Cows grazing 
Laurie Purcell, Grand Junction, CO
Photo Taken in Ridgway, CO 

"Home Canned Peaches"

Hme Canned Peaches

Lou Costy, Fort Collins, CO
Photo Taken in Fort Collins, CO




Calf smelling a little boy      
Marla Rock, Wray, CO
Photo Taken at Box Elder Ranch, Wray, CO


"Tractor Girl!"

Little girl on a tractor     
Nicole Kleve, Nolanville, TX
Photo Taken in Holyoke, CO