2011 Photo Contest Winners

Colorado...it's AgriCultural Photography Contest Rules & Entry Form




Grand Prize 
Tractor in a red sunset
Janet Brophy, Wray, CO
Photo Taken in Yuma County
First Place - Agritourism 
"Family Reunion" 
Green Tractors lined up
Sandy Rich, Aurora, CO
Photo Taken in Brush, CO 
First Place - Livestock 
"Happy Hogs" 
Tiffany Rieckenberg, Sterling, CO
Photo Taken in Merino, CO 
First Place - Open Professional 
"Last Light" 
Red barn with a beautiful red sunset
Laurie Purcell, Grand Junction, CO
Photo Taken in Hayden, CO 
First Place - People 
Man in wheat field with shovel   
Cheryl Jacobson, Burlington, CO
Photo Taken in Burlington, CO 
Honorable Mentions 
Pumpkins in front of a barn    
Denise Jenning, Canon City, CO
Photo Taken in Canon City, CO 
"A Hint of the Past"
Wheat field under a blue sky 
Cheryl Jacobson, Burlington, CO
Photo Taken in Burlington, CO


"Corn Jail"
Corn in a wire basket  
Sandy Rich, Aurora, CO
Photo Taken in Brush, CO


"Last Pass" 
Tractor in a dark sunset 
Tycie Lichty, Joes, CO
Photo Taken in Yuma County, CO 
"Orange Peppers Are The Best" 
Orange peppers  
Julianne Drake, Livermore, CO
Photo Taken in Fort Collins, CO
"Welcoming The Sun"
Roosters at dawn   
Tiffany Rieckenberg, Sterling, CO
Photo Taken in Merino, CO
"Winter Coming"
   Cowboys on horses herding cows 
Elena Drazev, Grand Junction, CO
Photo Taken in Crawford, CO 
  Open Professional 
 "Sprinklers in the Sunset" 
Tractor under thunder clouds 
Dennis House, McAllen, TX
Photo Taken in Alamosa, CO 
  "I Want That One, Daddy"
A man holding a little girl behind cattle      
Sue Hodgson, Brush, CO
Photo Taken in Brush, CO
"I Love You, Too!"
Little girl nose to nose with a Llama     
Elena Drazev, Grand Junction, CO
Photo Taken in Delta County Fair, CO