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Hay/ Pasture Availability List: CCA is now keeping track of members who have or need hay/pasture. You can find the updated list on the CCA website under 'Resources', or click here. If you need or want either hay or pasture and would like to be added to the list, call the CCA office at (303) 431-6422, or send an e-mail to inf@coloradocattle.org.

Out of State Hay Resources 

Kansas Farm Bureau Hay & Pasture Exchange
Missouri Hay Directory
Montana Hay Hotline
Nebraska Hay & Forage Hotline
Oklahoma Hay Directory
Texas Hay Hotline

Out of State Hay Available

Half Diamond 37 Ranch
Saskatchewan, Canada
Carol Robbins

Alfalfa/Grass Mix-Certified Organic and Conventional
1500 lb. Big Round Bales, Net wrapped
Can help arrange transportation.

Guy Casteel
Newell, SD
(605) 456-2222 or (605) 641-2054 (cell)

4,000 bales of alfalfa (1700-1800 lb. bales) and grass mix (1500-1600 lb. bales) hay available in large net wrapped bales.   

Cindy Patton
(417) 438-6922
Prairie Grass/Bermuda Mix, 600 4x6 round bales, over the edge net wrap. Put up dry and right using JD 467 Baler. Can load any trailer and maybe semi-trailer available. $40-45 a bale.
Steffes Group, Inc.
Murphy-Brown of Missouri, LLC Hay Dispersal Auction
Location: Murphy-Brown of Missouri, LLC Training Facility, Princeton, MO 64673
Sale Time: 10:00AM
5x6 round, net wrap, all 2013 crop
10,000 bales of alfalfa
10,000 bales grass mix
17,000 bales grass
Series of 5 auctions selling a total of 37,000 bales
November 27th, 2013 – selling 2500 bales
December 27th, 2013 – selling 7500 bales
January 31st, 2014 – selling 10,000 bales
February 28th, 2014 – selling 7500 bales
March 28th, 2014 – selling 10,000 bales
For more information contact Randy Kath at 701-429-8894 or www.steffesauctioneers.com

Carol Robbins
1 (306) 370-8897 or 1 (403) 859-2097 

Certified Organic Alfalfa Grass, 2,000 tons, 1,500 lb. big round bales, net-wrapped, hard core. Price is negotiable.

Carol Robbins
1 (306) 370-8897 or 1 (403) 859-2097 

Alfalfa Grass, 2,000 tons, 1,500 lb. big round bales, net-wrapped, hard core. Price is negotiable.

JR Prather
Lucas Metal Works Inc.
Main (918) 535-2726
Fax    (918) 535-3351
E-mail: JR@lucasmetalworks.com   

We have 385 4’ x 5’-6” bales with net wrap available that are a mix of fescue, bluestem, Bermuda, and some Johnson grass.  Bales are weighing around 820#. We also have 143 bales of Bermuda hay that is baled with plastic twine that are 4’x 5’. We are asking $40 to $45 per bale. You can contact me at 918-695-2500 or from this email address. Thank you.  

(785) 255-4579
Brome Grass, 23,000 tons, 3x3x7 1/2 780-800 lb. mid squares, horse quality
Hunt Farms
West Kentucky
(720) 832-8282
Alfalfa, Clover, Mixed Grass, Cow Hay and Millet

Grass Hay for Sale. Grass hay from native KS tallgrass prairie. Round bales, net wrapped estimated weight 1500lb. May have 200-300 tons. Please call or email for photos or additional info.

Justin Flanagan
(479) 965-6066

Mixed Grass (Rye, Clover and Bermuda), 4 x 5 net-wrapped round bales. $45 a bale.

Curt Rankin
We have approximately 400 bales - 4x5 John Deere cover edge wrapped Fescue mixed grass hay for sale in Missouri. Baled in mid June 2013 under good conditions no rain during curing. Asking $50.00/bale.
Collin Sharp
Glenpool OK
Hay for sale. I have close to 800 4x5 round bales for sale.  I’m asking 50 a piece for them.  The quality is good but not perfect.  This is the first cutting so there is some weeds in the bales.  Maybe 10% in a bale. My second cutting will be better and could be maybe horse hay.  I would also sell pastures to people if they would be interested for round or square bales. 
Mark French
8682 Hwy 200
Plains, MT 59859
Description: Grass alfalfa mix.
3 x 3 x 8 large sq bales
approx 21 Ton will fit on a truck
shipping to Denver area is approx $1950
Hay price: 195- 235 / Ton
21 T  x $200/ T = $4200
shipping $1950
Total = $6150 delivered
Approx $113 per bale delivered

Approx $290 / Ton delivered.

Johnny Ellis
(205) 446-1797

I have 300 round bales of hay. The hay is a mix grass of rye fescue clover. Hay was well fertilized. Hay was cut and baled on 5/28/2013 with out any rain while drying.  Hay is stored on concrete . I'm asking $25.00 a bale . Transport can be arranged if needed. I will be baling all year.


Other Hay Resources:

Cottonwood Stables
Lonzo Johnson
(936) 546-2211

Can arranage hay transportation. Looking for hay for drought stricken areas.


If you are an out of state hay producer and would like to include your information on this website, please contact Loretta Lopez at (303) 869-9175 or Loretta.Lopez@state.co.us

These resources are provided as a service to hay producers and buyers. A listing on this website does not constitute an endorsement by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.