United States Certificate of Origin.

In order to benefit from the provision of the United States - Israel Trade Area Agreement (FTAA), a special "United States Certificate of Origin for export to Israel" (CO) must be presented to Israel Customs. The certificate does not need to be notarized or stamped by a Chamber of Commerce if the exporter is also the manufacturer. Instead, the exporter should make the following declaration in the certificate: "The undersigned hereby declares that he is the producer of the goods covered by this certificate and that they comply with the origin requirements specified for those goods in the United States - Israel Free Trade Agreement for good exported to Israel."  

The certificate is not required for: 1) commercial shipments of goods valued under $50, 2) certain printed matter, 3) shipments of goods with no commercial value, and 4) gifts from individuals valued under $100.  

Actual CO forms are printed by a number of commercial printing houses in the United States, specializing in export document forms.  

U.S.-Israel Certificate of Origin

All U.S. exports entering Israel must be accompanied by a U.S.-Israel Certificate of Origin signed by the exporter. These certificates can be obtained from the following companies (a minimum order of 100 is required): 

UNZ and Company
190 Baldwin Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Tel: 800-631-3098

Rapid Forms
301 Grove Road
Thorofare, NJ 08086
Tel: 800-257-8354

Single certificates and assistance in filling out the forms may be obtained at any American-Israel Chamber of Commerce office.

To order from the Am. Israel Chamber of Commerce, visit  

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