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The International Maximum Residue Limits Database provides users with a list of MRL tolerances by active ingredient to desired export destinations.  Users may query by crop, pesticide active ingredient and pesticide type.  Over 300 fruit, vegetable and nut commodities are covered, as are 272 pesticides approved by the EPA for use on those commodities in the U.S.  MRL data are included from 70 countries, the European Union and the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex).  Each country included in the database represents, at a minimum, $1 million in annual export revenue for U.S. horticultural commodities.  This database is especially useful for growers, exporters, chemical manufacturers, and regulators as an aid for determining the MRLs  of US trading partners. 

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The International Pesticide & Application Database (IPAD) helps users determine rates and limitations on the usage of agricultural pesticides. IPAD is a crop specific database that cross references pesticides by chemical brand name, method of application, rates and frequency of application, as well as pre- and post-harvest interval.  The database contains information for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, 42 crops, 1400 active ingredients, 29 pesticide types, and 14 different timings resulting in nearly 24 million combinations. This IPAD system provides chemical use practices in order to ensure compliance with a target country's MRL standards and provides practical guidance to maximize the benefit to the U.S. producer. 

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