Transportation is a pivotal factor in the long term success of Colorado's agricultural industry.  There are numerous state and federal agencies that have statutory oversight of transportation and exemptions as it impacts agriculture.  This web site is designed to help you through this maze and empower you to comply with the regulations with the least cost and problems.  

Our commitment to you is to provide the information you need, or if we do not have the information on this site, to locate the information for you. 

If there are questions not addressed in this site, please e-mail Tim Larsen. We pledge to provide you with answers, and when appropriate, add the information to this site.   

Ag. Transportation Report pdf file

Commercial Driver's License

Colorado State Patrol Information for Farmers and Ranchers 



Direct links to Agencies that Regulate Agricultural Transportation

Colorado Department of Agriculture (Brand Board)
Colorado Department of Revenue

Colorado Department of Transportation
Colorado Ports of Entry   

Colorado Public Safety  
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration