Temporary Registration for the Seasonal Movement of Crops

Each year farmers are faced with limited access to commercial trucks to bring their harvest to storage or market. Over the years, some farmers have made the financial commitment to purchase their trucks for harvest. Then, they look at the opportunity to hire themselves and equipment to their neighbors to haul their crops from the field.  

The Temporary Registrations for the seasonal movement of crops provides a framework for a farmer to obtain a Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) permit to provide these services.  This permit allows a farmer to be paid for providing trucking services to other farmers to haul the crops during the approved harvest periods.  

Each year the Colorado Department of Agriculture submits a request to the Colorado PUC to designate the harvest schedule for each primary crop based on anticipated individual county harvests. This temporary registration period provides a 90 day period when a farmer may apply for and operate a trucking service for hire in each county.  A full list of the counties and individual crop periods are listed on the CDA web site:

For a farmer to receive this permit he/she must go to a local port of entry within Colorado. The registration fee is $20 per vehicle for the 90 day permit. You must bring proof of insurance to obtain the permit.  (port of entry locations). 

As an alternative to the temporary PUC permit, you may obtain a permanent property carrier registration from the PUC, which may be less expensive and time consuming depending on your location and the number of trucks you are operating. The cost of a permanent property carrier permit is $50.00 plus a $5.00 annual vehicle registration fee.  Visit the PUC web site at www.dora.state.co.us/puc/transmain.htm, then click on Applications, and then select Property Carrier Permit (PRC).