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Brand Inspection Laws



Title 35, Article 41: State Board of Stock Inspection Commissioners, Sections 35-41-100.3 to 35-41-104

Title 35, Article 41.5: Alternative Livestock Act, Sections 35-41.5-101 to 35-41.5-117

Title 35, Article 43: Branding and Herding, Sections 35-43-101 to 35-43-130

Title 35, Article 44: Estrays, Sections 35-44-101 to 35-44-114

Title 35, Article 46: Fence Law, Sections 35-46-101 to 35-46-115

Title 35, Article 47: Livestock - Running at Large, Sections 35-47-101 to 35-47-103

Title 35, Article 53: Transportation of Livestock, Sections 35-53-101 to 35-53-133

Title 35, Article 53.5: Feedlot Certification, Sections 35-53.5-101 to 35-53.5-115

Title 35, Article 54: Sale of Stock, Sections 35-54-101 to 35-54-106

Title 35, Article 55: Public Livestock Markets, Sections 35-55-101 to 35-55-119