2013 News Releases

12/26/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update 

12/12/2013 Rust Fungus to Battle Widespread, Damaging Weed         

12/11/2013 Elevated growth: Colorado Wine Industry Development Board releases economic impact study  

12/10/2013 Are Pets on your Holiday Shopping List?    

12/3/2013 CDA Urges Pet Safety during Cold Weather  

12/3/2013 Colorado Beef Perfect for Family Meals       

11/26/2013 Support Local Producers This Holiday Season       

11/24/2013 Traveling with your Pet on the Holidays 

11/25/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update 

11/25/2013 Scanner Sweep Shows that Colorado Consumers can Shop with Confidence  

11/22/2013 New Chairman Elected to the Colorado State Fair Board of Authority     

11/18/2013 Conservation Grants Awarded to Colorado Conservation Districts     

11/12/2013 Emergency Quarantine Issued to Protect Colorado Ash Trees   

11/4/2013 Snack Simply with Sunflower Seeds         

10/24/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update  

10/23/2013 Governor's Wager Settled--A Taste of Colorado Sent to Indiana   

10/4/2013 Make Colorado Agriculture Part of Family Traditions     

10/1/2013 Crunchy Carrots Are Great Lunch Box Snacks  

9/30/2013 Grants Awarded for Colorado Specialty Crops  

9/27/2013 Destructive Tree Pest Detected in Colorado    

9/27/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update     

9/24/2013 Enter The Annual Colorado Agriculture Photo Contest    

9/23/2013 Agricultural Resources for Colorado Flood Victims   

9/4/2013 Peppers Plentiful in Colorado    

9/4/2013 141st Annual Colorado State Fair Comes to a Close  

8/29/2013 Annual Directory Connects Hay Producers with Buyers    

8/28/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update   

8/27/2013 Colorado's Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Junior Livestock Sale Celebrates 50 Years Honoring Colorado's 4H & FFA Youth  

8/26/2013 Fair Has Fine Arts Too  

8/24/2013 Family Entertainment Abounds    

8/23/2013 Colorado State Fair Showcases Agricultural Roots     

8/22/2013 Plenty of Free Activities at the Colorado State Fair   

8/22/2013 Colorado State Fair Invites CSU-Pueblo to Pack the Fair    

8/21/2013 Tickets Going Fast. Two Rodeo/Concert Combo Tickets Sold Out.     

8/20/2013 2013 Colorado State Fair PRCA Ram Rodeo   

8/19/2013 Nominations Sought for Noxious Weed Advisory Committee   

8/19/2013 Deals Plus Discounts Equals Dollars Saved      

8/16/2013 Agricultural Exports Increase $14.5 Million in First Six Months of 2013   

8/15/2013 Colorado State Fair Kicks Off with a Sneak Peek before Opening Day     

8/15/2013 First Colorado Horse Infected with West Nile Virus in 2013 

8/7/2013 Noxious Weed Alert: Purple Loosestrife   

8/7/2013 Colorado State Fair: Shaping the Future of Agriculture  

8/6/2013 Add Island Flavor With Colorado Peaches    

8/1/2013 Colorado Department of Agriculture Receives Marketing Award for 2012 Rocky Ford Cantaloupe Revitalization Campaign   

8/1/2013 Colorado Proud Launches Choose Colorado Tour 

7/26/2013 Workshop Helps Companies Learn How to Market Local Products  

7/26/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update      

7/16/2013 ConAgra Foods, Cargill and CHS choose Colorado for Ardent Mills headquarters

7/9/2013 Rabies-Positive Bull Diagnosed in Weld County   

7/2/2013 Weed-Free Mulch Needed to Help Lands Burned by Fires       

7/2/2013 NOXIOUS WEED ALERT: Oxeye Daisy  

7/1/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update      

7/1/2013 Colorado Watermelon is a Summertime Favorite   

6/28/2013 Colorado Farm to School Task Force Seeks Applicants   

6/19/2013 Start Your Ovens for the Scratch Bakers Cookie Challenge!  

6/13/2013 Two Rabies-Positive Horses Confirmed in Weld County     

6/12/2013 Blue Ribbon Baking at its Best!    

6/7/2013 First Quarter Agricultural Exports Down Slightly    

6/7/2013 Two Popular State Fair Competitions Now Open    

6/6/2013 Celebrate National Dairy Month With Simple Summer Parfait           

6/4/2013 Heading to a Rodeo or Horse Show? Buying or Selling a Horse? Be sure to get a Brand Inspection     

6/4/2013 NOXIOUS WEED ALERT: Leafy Spurge   

6/3/2013 Popular Publication Features Farmers’ Markets    

5/31/2013 Town Hall Meeting Focuses on Growing Demand for Local Meat  

5/29/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update    

5/21/2013 Swine Virus Investigation in Colorado   

5/21/2013 CDA Explores Small Hydropower Opportunities     

5/20/2013 CDA Statement on Industrial Hemp    

5/17/2013 Survey to Begin for Destructive Insect  

5/16/2013 Popular Trio Shakes Up Rodeo Stage  

5/16/2013 Licensed Commercial Applicators Meet High Standards     

5/14/2013 Poudre Partnership Focuses on Protecting Land after High Park Fire    

5/13/2013 Governor's Cup Wine Competition Winners Announced 

5/13/2013 REMINDER: Town Halls Meetings Focus on Growing Demand for Local Meat 

5/6/2013 Colorado Producers Can Promote Hay Through Annual Publication  

5/2/2013 REMINDER: Town Halls Meetings Focus on Growing Demand for Local Meat   

5/2/2013 Asparagus Adds Color and Flavor to Meals   

5/2/2013 Weed Alert: Myrtle Spurge    

4/29/2013 Two Equine Health Concerns in Colorado   

4/25/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update    

4/19/2013 Town Halls Meetings Focus on Growing Demand for Local Meat   

4/18/2013 Colorado State Fair Entertainment Lineup Announced  

4/12/2013 Noxious Weed Alert: Mediterranean Sage    

4/3/2013 Colorado Centennial Farms Seeks Nominations for 2013 Awards     

4/1/2013 Crack Open Some Fun For Breakfast    

3/29/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update      

3/18/2013 Colorado's Specialty Crop Industry Eligible for Funding  

3/13/2013 State Conservation Board Elects Sweeney as President   

3/11/2013 Animals Disease Traceability Rule Effective TODAY     

3/8/2013 Horses Seized    

3/4/2013 Bee's Hard Work Has a Sweet Reward     

2/28/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update    

2/25/2013 Annual Workshop Helps Food Businesses Market Products    

2/22/2013 REMINDER:Western Slope Town Halls Meetings Focus on Growing Demand for Local Meat 

2/20/2013 Buyer Beware-Watch Out for Nursery Stock and Landscaping Scams     

2/15/2013 Governor's Forum on Colorado Agriculture Focuses on Innovation     

2/7/2013 EHV-1 Positive Horse Recuperates, Returns to Texas   

2/7/2013 Western Slope Town Halls Meetings Focus on Growing Demand for Local Meat 

2/6/2013 Buy Local For Fish Dishes  

2/1/2013 Colorado's Agricultural Industry Welcomes New Beef Agreement for U.S./Japan Beef Trade 

2/1/2013 Colorado Hosting Seminar on Exploring Exports  

1/30/2013 CDA Responds to New Federal Animal Disease Traceability Rule    

1/30/2013 Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to speak at Governor's Forum on Colorado Agriculture  

1/30/2013 Make Your Valentine Proud-With a Gift From Colorado Proud 

1/29/2013 Equine Herpesvirus Confirmed in Horse Stalled at the National Western Stock Show Rodeo 

1/28/2013 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update    

1/14/2013 Annual Photo Contest Winners Showcase 'Spirit' of Colorado Agriculture   

1/10/2013 Governor's Forum on Colorado Agriculture to Focus on Innovation for the Future  

1/7/2013 Farm Fresh Directory Helps Market Local Ag Products   

1/3/2013 Cook Up the New Year with Colorado Buffalo