2012 News Releases

12/28/2012 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update    

12/12/2012 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas from Colorado Proud 

12/6/2012 Are Pets on Your Holiday Shopping List?  

12/4/2012 Buy Local Ingredients for Holiday Meals  

12/4/2012 Colorado Department of Agriculture Unveils New Website   

11/29/2012 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update    

11/28/2012 Local Products Make The Holidays Special   

11/15/2012 Deadline Approaching for Annual Agriculture Photo Contest     

11/8/2012 Choose Colorado this Holiday Season   

11/7/2012 Colorado Livestock Disease Recap    

11/02/2012 Winter Squashes Brighten Fall Meals  

10/30/2012 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update   

10/19/2012 NEW Web Feature Helps Protect Pesticide-Sensitive Areas 

10/19/2012 Wind Energy Guide Available for Rural Landowners  

10/16/2012 Vesicular Stomatitis Quarantines Released     

10/9/2012 Colorado Celebrates National Farm to School Month with New Website   

9/28/2012 ANTHRAX UPDATE: Quarantine Released  

9/28/2012 Warm Up This Fall with Colorado Pork   

9/27/2012 Colorado Welcomes Mexican and Central American Produce Buyers   

9/25/2012 Bovine Trichomoniasis Update    

9/24/2012 Experience Farm Fun this Fall    

9/21/2012 Commercial Pesticide Applicators: New Feature Streamlines Testing Process  

9/19/2012 Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Diagnosed in Colorado  

9/11/2012 Logan County Livestock Owner Loses Appeal in Livestock Abuse Case   

9/10/2012 CDA Celebrates Tiny, Hungry Bugs  

9/5/2012 Wrap Up Summer With Colorado Pears  

9/4/2012 140th Annual Colorado State Fair Comes to a Close  

8/29/2012 Celebrate Fiesta Day at the Colorado State Fair  

8/28/2012 Colorado's Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Junior Livestock Sale Celebrates Colorado's 4H & FFA Youth   

8/22/2012 Growth in Colorado Agricultural Exports Important for State  

8/22/2012 Sneak Peek Offers Thrills and Great Deals   

8/21/2012 Family Fun to Fit the Family Dollar  

8/20/2012 Find Hay in Annual Directory  

8/16/2012 Annual Agriculture Photography Contest Underway  

8/15/2012 UPDATE: Two Cows on Two Additional Colorado Premises Test Positive for Anthrax  

8/14/2012 Deals & Discounts at the Colorado State Fair   

8/8/2012 Colorado Department of Agriculture Investigates Anthrax Case  

8/8/2012 New-New-New Colorado State Fair Provides Fun, New Attractions   

8/2/2012 Vesicular Stomatitis Diagnosed in Colorado    

8/2/2012 Colorado Proud Month: The Perfect Time to Buy Local  

7/31/2012 Things Get Spicy at the Colorado State Fair  

7/26/2012 Nominations Sought for Noxious Weed Advisory Committee  

7/24/2012 Cake Makers Compete at the Colorado State Fair   

7/20/2012 Two Colorado Horses Infected with West Nile Virus   

7/17/2012 Time is Running Out to Enter the Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition    

7/10/2012 Gear Up for the Ghirardelli Chocolate Championship

7/5/2012 Weed-Free Mulch Needed to Help Lands Burned by Fires

7/3/2012 Bake Your Best Sandwich Bread for Big Prizes at the Colorado State Fair

7/2/2012 Colorado Sweet Corn Complements Any Meal

6/29/2012 Colorado State Fair is Ready to Help Victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire

6/26/2012 Registration Open for 1,500 Colorado State Fair General Entry Competitions

6/22/2012 New Requirement for Various Livestock Entering Colorado from New Mexico

6/22/2012 Colorado Artists: July 28th Deadline for Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition

6/14/2012 Seminar to Help Colorado Companies Develop Export Opportunities

6/12/2012 Online Resource Helps Food Businesses Navigate Food Safety and Regulatory Issues

6/12/2012 UPDATE: Colorado Equine Herpes Virus Quarantine Released

6/6/2012 CDA Reminder: Japanese Beetle Quarantine Continues

6/4/2012 Colorado State Fair Entertainment Tickets Now on Sale

6/4/2012 Find Farmers' Markets and Agritourism Activities in Annual Publication

6/1/2012 UPDATE: Second Case of Vesicular Stomatitis Confirmed in New Mexico

5/31/2012 Let Us Enjoy Colorado Lettuce

5/31/2012 Producers Urged to Vote in Sunflower Assessment Referendum

5/29/2012 Licensed Commercial Applicators Meet High Standards

5/21/2012 UPDATE: Colorado Equine Herpes Virus

5/21/2012 Custom Farmers must License as a "Commercial Pesticide Applicator"

5/15/2012 Colorado Hay Producers Needed for Annual Publication

5/15/2012 Licensed Applicators Help Protect Colorado Trees and the Environment

5/14/2012 Equine Herpesvirus Confirmed in Colorado Horse

5/4/2012 Caution for Colorado Livestock Owners

5/3/2012 Enjoy An Early Season Crop: Colorado Rhubarb

4/26/2012 New Sponsor makes its mark on the Colorado State Fair

4/24/2012 Colorado Agricultural Exports Continue to Grow

4/3/2012 Spring is the Perfect Time for Colorado Lamb

3/29/2012 Law Enforcement Officials Train in Equine Welfare Investigation

3/23/2012 Register Today for Annual Food Marketing Workshop

3/22/2012 Historic Partnership Helps Colorado Organics Go Global

3/22/2012 Colorado State Fair General Manager Reinstates Weinroth Siblings

3/6/2012 Colorado Buffalo Makes Hearty Meals

3/1/2012 Grab Your Banjo & Fiddle! Bluegrass Festival Heads to the Fair.

2/28/2012 Financial Assistance Available for Organic Certification

2/27/2012 Learn How to Market Food Products at Annual Workshop

2/24/2012 Revitalized Program Will Help Develop Tomorrow's Ag Leaders

2/13/2012 Conference Focuses on Food Safety & Agricultural Security

2/13/2012 Learn How to Diversify at Agritourism Workshop

2/2/2012 Colorado Wheat is Abundant and Tasty

1/31/2012 Grants Available to Help Colorado's Specialty Crops

1/19/2012 Colorado Agriculture Shines in Annual Photo Contest

1/17/2012 Colorado State Fair Audit Complete

1/6/2012 Colorado Beans Can Add Warmth This Winter

1/3/2012 Annual Directory Helps Local Farmers and Ranchers Market Products