Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices are generally guidelines to help you in your everyday life. These pages are designed to help clear up confusion and help answer questions on some common problems and the best solutions to those problems.

Alternative Livestock

Ag Chemicals & Groundwater Protection


Livestock Diseases


Colorado Cattlemen's Association

CCA Animal Welfare Code of Ethics 

Additional resources in use by beef industry:

  • National BQA Trainers Manual
  • National Dairy BQA Producers Manual
  • Cattle Industry Guidelines for the Care & Handling of Cattle

  • BQA Feedyard Assessment
  • BQA Cow-Calf Assessment
  • BQA Stocker Self Assessment

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Bureau of Animal Protection   

Resources for Public Livestock Markets 

Colorado Egg Producers

Colorado Egg Producers Code of Conduct

National Dairy Farm Program

Dumb Friends League

Animal Care in Colorado  


Western Dairy Association

National Dairy FARM Animal Care Manual


Colorado Veterinary Medical Association

Principles of Animal Welfare