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Anyone purchasing farm products for the purpose of processing or resale is required to be licensed in Colorado. Determine your category for licensing:


Dealer Categories
There are three types of dealer licenses authorized under this Act.


1. Small Volume Dealer "no purchases over $20,000.00 annually, and no single purchase over $2,500.00".



2. Farm Products Dealer with Cash Buyer declaration "all purchases are to be paid in cash, cashiers check or money order, at time of purchase. No personal or company checks may be used."



3. Farm Products Dealer with a "bond to cover 2 % of annual purchases".


  • Dealer must first obtain a bond. See the bonding schedule and rules to help decide whether you should use a  Surety Bond through your insurance or a Letter of Credit through your bank.
  • Completely fill out the Dealer License Application .
  • The license fee is $275.00 annually with a license period of March 1 through the end of February of each year.
  • Return the original bond, application and fee to our mailing address to license.