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If your firm's name is printed on a feed product label or invoice as the responsible party, you will need to register your company and pay an inspection fee. Follow these steps:


1. Company registration

  • If you are conducting business as an Individual/Sole Proprietor, you must fill out a Feed Citizenship Status Affidavit.
  • Completely fill out the  " Commercial Feed Company Registration Application " (form F-1) to register your company in Colorado.
  • The company registration fee is $75.00 per year. The annual company registration period is February1 through January 31. You must renew the company registration every year. Remember that inspection fees must also be paid
    see below ).


 2. Distribution fees

There are 2 types of distribution fees:

  • Type 1 - Products that are distributed in package weights over 10 pounds are assessed a per ton distribution fee for tonnage distributed in Colorado during the previous calendar year; collected annually and due on January 31st the following year. A minimum fee of $50.00 is required.


  • If this applies to your product, contact our office  for a "Commercial Feed Tonnage Report"
    (Form F-2).


  • Type 2 - Products that are distributed in packages weighing 10 pounds or less (small packages) are assessed a $25.00 per product distribution fee, collected annually for registration period of February 1st to January 31st.


  • Paper copies of labels are required for all small package products.


Need to add new small package products?

Small package products added during the middle of the year must be included on a supplemental small package form. 


3. Summary

For feed registration, mail all of the following completed forms & fees to our mailing address :


  • Fees must be payable in U.S. dollars and checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank or the payment and forms will be returned. 
  • If you are submitting forms for more than one company, you must submit a separate check for each company.
  • Citizenship affidavit 
  • Company Registration form (F-1)
  • Company Registration fee
  • Distribution Fee form (F-2 or F-3) and appropriate fee
  • Paper copies of labels
  • If applicable, form F-4 and appropriate fee and labels