This program regulates fertilizers, soil conditioners and plant amendments sold in Colorado for agricultural and home use.

Product labels and advertisements are monitored for false or misleading statements.

Fertilizers are sampled by our inspectors and tested by our Bio-Chemistry Laboratory to verify the listed ingredients.



Laurel Hamling
Fertilizer Program Administrator



The 2013-14 fee schedule
has been approved and may be viewed from the ICS Division page.

The tonnage fees remain $0.60/ton for fertilizer.  This includes a $0.10 distribution fee (as seen on the schedule), and a $0.50/ton groundwater protection fee.  Further information on the Groundwater Program is available on the Department's Groundwater Program page.

The tonnage fee for soil conditioners and plant amendments remains $0.10/ton.  No groundwater fee is due on soil conditioners and plant amendments.

Fertilizers sold in packages of ten pounds or less are assessed a fee of $0.01/lb.

Tonnage fees are paid on the calendar year.  The 2013 fertilizer tonnage fees are $0.60/ton, which will be reflected on the tonnage report forms to be mailed in December, 2013.

Further information on tonnage reporting is available in our written guidance.


Revised fertilizer rules became effective December 30, 2012.  The rules may be viewed by following the Code of Colorado Regulations link on our Laws and Regulations page, and navigating to Fertilizers 8 CCR 1202-4.  A summary of the changes is in Part 9.3.  The public lists of fertilizer and compost test methods used by the Department can be found on our Sampling and Analysis page. 


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