Schedule a Calibration Date

 Metrology Lab

Before sending any work to the Colorado Metrology Laboratory, you must first call or simply fill out the request form to make your initial request for calibration. All work will be scheduled as soon as possible after the initial request, depending on the current lab workload. If there are questions about your request, one of our metrologists will contact you for clarification.


After the lab has determined the amount of time it will need to process your request, you will be contacted and provided a calibration date. If you need to ship any items to the lab, please make sure they arrive prior to your scheduled calibration date.

If there are any specific requirements, such as:


  • Artifacts are sent to lab by one company, but the certificate is to be issued to another company
  • Certificate is to be sent to one address, but the invoice sent to another address


These instructions need to be included with the artifacts when they arrive at the lab.