Forms & Downloads

To Become a Certified Weigher

Certified weighers must be familiar with the Measurement Standards Act, particularly Sections 35-14-121 and 35-14-122. Qualifications are described in Measurement Standards Regulation 3.


  1. A Certified Weigher Certificate must be renewed annually.

  2. Completely fill out a Citizenship Status Verification Affidavit pdf file and one of the applications below for a Certified Weigher Certificate. Please make certain to choose the application that best corresponds to your situation:

  3. Mail the completed forms & fees to the ICS main office:

    ICS/Measurement Standards Program
    3125 Wyandot St.
    Denver, CO 80211-8324

  4. Applicants must also pass a Certified Weigher - Written Test pdf file . Review the  Certified Weigher - Study Guide pdf file and send it in with the completed forms listed above.