Small Hydro Assessment pdf file
The Colorado Energy Office is offering a new Small Hydro Handbook to assist developers, ranchers, municipal water operators, irrigation districts, agricultural producers, resource agencies, environmental organizations, utilities and others with small hydropower project development.

The Small Hydro Handbook provides a step by step process for tapping the potential for small hydropower on existing water pipes, water diversions, impoundments, and new water infrastructure in Colorado. 

The Handbook contains details on key turbine manufacturers, examples of hydropower technologies installed in Colorado, new hydropower technology for low head applications, descriptions of permitting processes, and case studies for municipal water and ranch applications. Each step of development from site assessment to completion is covered with resource contacts and references detailed in the appendix.

The Handbook can serve both as a catalyst for project development and as a tool to build partnerships in growing the understanding of small hydropower opportunities in Colorado. Persons interested in additional education and services for small hydropower can email Michael McReynolds at the Colorado Energy Office as it is considering development of additional tools to support small hydropower developers.

Cow Power: A guide to harnessing the energy in livestock waste pdf file

Wind Energy Installation Guide & Video 


Colorado Energy Office
This is a great resource to get started using renewable energy and energy efficiency in Colorado.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
The US Department of Energy's (DOE) facility for renewable energy and energy efficiency research, development and deployment.

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
RMFU is a leader in the development of sustainable rural energy programs. As such they are another great resource for getting started in agricultural renewable energy.

CSU Center for Agricultural Energy (CAE)
The CAE empowers Colorado's agricultural producers to make environmentally and financially sound energy decisions by conducting agricultural energy audits, research, and community outreach.