Application Process

Applications are to be complete and include sufficient information to allow the Board to evaluate the application but yet be as succinct as possible. When applying, please consider the following:

  • Application packages should not exceed 20 pages, including a cover letter, the application form and any attachments, letters of intent and endorsements.
  • Applicants should follow the provided application format.
  • Each application is to be limited to a single project. 
  • Applicants must submit separate applications for distinctly different projects.
  • A matching contribution equal to at least 10 percent of the total project budget is required.
  • No partial applications will be considered.
  • Missing, poorly stated, or obscure information can reduce evaluation scoring.


Criteria utilized by the Board to evaluate applications may include:

  • Completeness, eligibility and presentation of the application;
  • Project merit and potential for success;
  • Market potential and commercialization feasibility;
  • Probability of rapid commercialization and application of research;
  • Applicable experience and qualifications of the project principals;
  • Degree of Colorado farmer, rancher and/or agricultural/producer organization ownership or participation;
  • The levels and sources of matching funds; Projected economic benefit to one or more Colorado communities;
  • Extent to which the local community, academia, agricultural/producer organizations support the project.

The Board considers the levels and sources of matching funds to be a key criterion for evaluating applications.  A matching contribution equal to at least ten 10 percent of the total project budget is required.  The Board will endeavor to make the best use of available resources and will give preference to applications that demonstrate applicant commitment to the project in terms of matching contribution and will allow the Board to maximize its return on investment.

Application Instructions

To apply, please submit:

  • 1 double-sided three hole punched hard copy of the application with an original signed certification statement (Attachment A),
  • along with 2 additional double-sided three hole punched hard copies of the entire application,
  • one digital copy of application in MS Word or PDF and
  • a $50 nonrefundable application fee; make check payable to the "Colorado Department of Agriculture".

We are currently not accepting applications. Requests for proposals for 2012 projects are expected be announced soon.

Electronic files may either be submitted with hard copies or to our mailing address and please be sure to include "ACE program application" in the subject area with project title.