Spurred Anoda

(Anoda cristata)


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Spurred anoda (Anoda cristata) is a summer annual forb with a low growing, spreading profile. The seedlings have one round and one heart-shaped cotyledon with hairs along the margins of the leaves. Each capsule contains 10 to 20 segments each with a brown or black kidney-shaped seed. The leaves are alternate, 1½ to 3 inches long, and triangular to arrow shaped. Mature leaves are coarsely toothed with three distinct lobes. Stems are erect, reaching 3½ feet tall and have branches at the base spreading up to 4 to 5 feet from taproot. The flowers are solitary, arise from the leaf axile, and appear August through November. Flowers are 7 to 12 mm wide with 5 petals that are light blue to lavender in color.

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