Noxious Weeds

The goals of the program are to:
  • prevent the introduction of new invasive plant species
  • eradicate species with isolated or limited populations
  • contain and manage those invasive species that are well established and widespread

To accomplish these goals the program:
  • implements preventative strategies to reduce the opportunity for new invasive species
  • provides information and resources to local weed managers
  • helps establish local weed management areas emphasizing coordinated efforts among public and private landowners
  • educates public agency staff and private citizens about the negative impacts associated with noxious weeds

Steve Ryder
State Weed Coordinator
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Cooperating Agencies and Organizations

Colorado Weed Management Association   Colorado Parks and Wildlife     CSU Extension    Pulling For Colorado   North American Weed Management Association
Colorado Weed
Management Association
   Colorado Parks & Wildlife   CSU Cooperative
  Pulling for Colorado   North American
Invasive Species Management Association
U.S. Forest Service   Natural Resources Cconservation Service   Bureau of Land Management   National Park Service   Colorado Department of Transportation
State Land Board    Colorado Association of Conservation Districts          
State Land Board   Colorado Association of Conservation Districts