Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

The Groundwater Protection Program relies upon a 13-member advisory committee to help guide program objectives.

  1. Define the correct issues impacting groundwater quality with respect to agricultural chemicals in Colorado and prioritize program resources to address these issues.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the program staff’s efforts to address groundwater quality issues.
  3. Provide feedback on proposed and on-going program activities. Local perspective is particularly appreciated as this is a statewide program with limited resources.
  4. Apprise Groundwater Program staff of what their industry or constituency is doing or thinking.
  5. Communicate the Program’s work to industries represented by the committee and to the general public.

The committee consists of people representing: commercial pesticide applicators, agricultural chemical suppliers, agricultural producers, the green industry, the general public, and the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC).


Name Perspective Term Expires
Jon Slutsky Water Quality Control Commission 2015
Lloyd Walker General Public 2015
Martin Spann General Public 2016
Kenny Smith Commercial Applicator 2015
Matt Reck Commercial Applicator 2015
Ron Eberly Green Industry 2016
Brent Trujillo Green Industry 2016
Terry Kohler Ag Chemical Supplier 2014
Nathan Coombs Producer 2014
Steven Eckhardt Producer 2015
Doug Wilson Producer 2014
John Hardwick Producer 2015
Brett Rutledge Producer 2016
Max Smith Producer 2016