About the Board

The Colorado State Conservation Board (CSCB):

  • Acts as a state board of appeals for the 76 conservation districts.
  • Administers and disburses funds for the purpose of assisting the districts.
  • Acts in an advisory capacity with the districts.
  • Coordinates the programs of all districts.
  • Undertakes studies of watershed planning.
  • Develops, implements and administers watershed flood prevention and underground water storage projects.
  • Distributes grants, services and materials for conservation purposes.

Colorado State Conservation Board Members:

Larry Sweeney
Colorado, Gunnison and Dolores River Watersheds

Harold Unwin
Vice President
Lower Arkansas River Watershed

Vernon Lerette
San Juan River Basin Watershed

Joe Lindsay
Upper South Platte River Watershed 

Karen Salapich
Upper Arkansas River Watershed

Margaret Lenz

Chester Zwirn
Republican and Lower South Platte River Watersheds

Danny Neufeld
Rio Grande Watershed

Karin Utterback-Normann
White-Yampa and North Platte River Watersheds

Advisory Members:

John Salazar
Commissioner of Agriculture

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Mike King
Executive Director
Colorado Department of Natural Resources


Dr. Eugene Kelly
CSU Department Head of Soil & Crop Sciences