Conserv. Board

Colorado’s Conservation Districts represent private landowners’ interests in conservation planning and practices. They have led this charge since they were created by the Colorado State Legislature in 1937. While Conservation Districts are technically considered “local governments”, they fall under the statutory guidance of the State.

The State Conservation Board is comprised of Conservation District representatives from Colorado’s 10 watersheds and provides guidance to the Department of Agriculture for:
  • Disperses state grant funds and direct assistance to the Conservation Districts
  • Develops training tools for long and short term planning, budgeting, and laws pertaining to local governance 
  • Performs as a board of appeals for landowners appealing Conservation District activities
Helps facilitate local conservation programs that improve:

  • Soil Health
  • Water Quality
  • Water Conservation
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Forest Health
  • Plant Communities
  • Energy Conservation

I invite you to visit your local Conservation District to learn about cooperative programs in conservation. There’s a world of opportunity to make a difference for the land,  today, and for future generations who will also need to make a living from it.

Cindy Lair
Program Manager



District Certification Program

Drought Assistance

Conservation District Calendar



The Conservation District Reference Manual is the leading guide for the Review Checklist listed below and is a good source for districts to find information. The documents listed below are a compilation of information - all, some, or none of these items may or may not be reviewed in addition to other requests.

CSCB Meeting Minutes 11/11/2013 pdf file

CSCB Meeting Minutes 8/5/2013 pdf file

CSCB Meeting Minutes 6/25/2013 pdf file  

CSCB Meeting Minutes 3/1/2013 pdf file

Direct Assistance District Scores FY 2014, CY 2012 pdf file