Livestock Inspection

 Cows  Employees of the State Board of Stock Inspection are charged with the protection of the Colorado livestock industry. Brand Inspectors must certify that the shipper or seller is the legal owner of the livestock prior to issuing a brand certificate. All lost, missing, strayed and stolen livestock fall under the jurisdiction and control of the Brand Inspection Division.

The Brand Inspection Division employs 62 brand inspectors located throughout the state including 10 supervisors. The annual budget for the division exceeds $4.6 million and is completely funded by fees levied to livestock owners and brand assessment fees levied every five years.


In 2012-2013, the division personnel traveled in excess of 1.1 million miles and inspected over 4.2 million head of livestock. In addition, they identified ownership of lost, stolen, or strayed and questionably owned livestock valued at over $24 million. The division inspected 4,503,999 cattle, 34,167 horses, 1157 sheep and issued 4,582 permanent travel permits on horses.