About Us

We have been part of Colorado's history in one form or another since 1865.  Our job is to protect Colorado's $3 billion livestock industry from loss by theft or straying.  Check out our website to find more information about our mission, our inspectors, and the laws and regulations that guide us. 

We look forward to working with you.


The Division of Brand Inspection's primary responsibility is to protect the livestock industry from loss by theft, illegal butchering, or straying of livestock.
The division is assigned five principal regulatory responsibilities:
  • Record and administer livestock brands
  • Inspect livestock and verify ownership before sale; transportation beyond 75 miles; transportation out of state; or before slaughter
  • Inspect and license livestock markets, and inspect all consignments before sale to verify ownership 
  • License and inspect alternative livestock (elk and fallow deer) and alternative livestock facilities
  • Prevent and return strayed or stolen livestock and to investigate reports of lost or stolen livestock

    Chris Whitney, Brand Commissioner

 Below is a link to a video about the Brand Inspection Division.


Below is another video about the history of the Brand Inspection Division.  For other information videos go to www.angus.org and click on the videos link.