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Town Flower

The Kenny Hart Flower (Campanula glomerata)


The Town of Winter Park’s town flower is the Dane’s Blood, also known to locals as the Kenny Hart flower or the Danesblood Bellflower. According to an article published in the Winter Park Manifest, the tall, purple flower was imported by Kenny Hart’s mother, Ora Mae, from Georgia in 1960, and today it flourishes throughout Grand County.


The flower “owes its existence” to Kenny, who lived in Winter Park (then known as Hideaway Park) from 1954 to 1999. He shared the flower with many fellow gardeners, and referred to it as the Purple Mystery because he could never remember the flower's real name. He cherished it because of its ability to survive Grand County's harsh winters.


An article on the history of the Kenny Hart flower was featured in the Winter Park Manifest. Click here to read the article.

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