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Tree & Slash Removal Program

For 2013, the Town will again be assisting Town residents with the removal of dead and disease infested trees and with trees removed to create defensible space around a structure. In response to requests from property owners, we will continue to accept slash from trees removed by commercial logging contractors.

The 2013 plan is outlined below:

1. If you are working with a private logging contractor to remove dead trees or to create defensible space on your property, it is your responsibility to notify the Town who your contractor is (see 2.a below) and it is the responsibility of your contractor to remove the logs and coordinate with the Town for the disposal of the slash.

2. If you are removing the trees yourself, the Town will assist by hauling off the logs and slash provided you:

a. Call the Public Works Department (Jake Mikol 970.726.8081 ext. 604) to arrange for pick up or to notify the Town that you will be using a contractor. We will try to be as responsive to your calls as possible, please be patient as we have many residents requesting pick up.

b. Place the logs (6’ lengths) and slash in separate piles in front of your property along the edge of the road in the Town’s right-of-way (generally the first fifteen feet extending from the edge of the pavement). Do not place your logs and slash on the pavement. Town crews will not enter onto private property or pick up logs more than 6’ in length. Crews will pick up as cleanly as possible using heavy equipment; however, there may be some debris left behind.

c. This municipal program to remove logs and slash does not extend to material created as a result of a commercial tree removal or site clearing by a homeowner or contractor for the purpose of residential or commercial construction or land development.

d. This municipal program to remove logs and slash does not include removal of tree stumps or trash. If these items are included, it is possible that none of the material will be removed. This must be combustible material, no dirt.  Non-combustible materials will be left behind (i.e. leaves, pine needles and yard rakings).

3. This year’s program will run from May 15, 2013 – September 15, 2013.

We appreciate the effort that many of you have made to remove trees from your property and manage your property for defensible space.  The Town of Winter Park encourages all property owners to continue this effort.  It is Town Council's intent to continue this program, in some form, for the next several years; however, the Town cannot guarantee that it will be able to continue wholly subsidizing the cost.

Please feel free to call Town staff with questions at 726.8081, and utilize our website at www.wpgov.com to check updates on the program, changes to dates and other information.