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Welcome to the Town of Winter Park

Get away from the crowds and the traffic and explore the gem that is Winter Park - no matter what the season.

Our small town atmosphere combined with world class skiing make us a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy our year-round recreation, shopping, lodging and dining opportunities. We hope visitors use our site as a starting point for their visit, and residents as a contact point for keeping in touch with the community.

Request for proposals



The Town of Winter Park is accepting proposals for professional land surveying services for two right-of-way projects in the town.  The rights-of-way include Winter Park Drive in Old Town and Lions Gate Drive in downtown Winter Park.  This contract shall be awarded on a Lump Sum basis.  The project must be completed no later than June 15, 2015.  Please see the attachment for more information including maps of the proposed areas.  We look forward to receiving proposals from your company. 

Survey RFP 03-15-15

Request for Qualifications/proposals

Contracted Town Engineer



The Town of Winter Park is soliciting proposals for a qualified engineering firm to be engaged on a continuing contractual basis as an additional reviewing engineer for development projects where a conflict of interest exists with the Town Contracted Engineer. 



The Town of Winter Park currently contracts with JVA Consulting Engineers (JVA) to perform the functions and duties of the Town Engineer.  JVA also performs work for private developments within the Town limits and therefore is not permitted to review and comment on those projects.  The Town is soliciting bids for an additional reviewing engineer to perform the functions involved in reviewing projects for which JVA is the project engineer. 



The duties of the additional reviewing engineer will be as follows:


  1. Review construction plans for conformance with Town Engineering Standards and Specifications for Design and Construction and other applicable rules and regulations. 
  2. Review cost estimates for proposed development to insure adequate surety will be secured by the Town for public improvements.
  3. Perform site inspections as required to insure public improvements are installed in conformance with approved construction plans. 


Qualification Statement Content

Firms are requested to include in their qualification statement the following information in the order listed:

1.   A brief summary of the firm’s qualifications.

2.   Name and phone number of the person designated to answer questions about the qualification statement.

3.   A specific list of the individuals who would be assigned to review development projects, their proposed responsibilities, technical background, years of experience, and their previous experience working with the Town of Winter Park.

4.   Hourly fee schedule by labor category.


General Instructions

Engineering firms interested in providing services to the Town of Winter Park shall submit two (2) written copies of their qualifications.  Qualification statements must be submitted in a sealed envelope and will be accepted by the Town on or before 9:00 am, March 20, 2015.  Statements will be publicly opened immediately afterwards and read in the Town Hall Meeting Room located at 50 Vasquez Road, Winter Park, CO. Interviews with qualified applicants will be scheduled following the opening and review of the qualification statements.


Submittals should be sent to:    Town of Winter Park

                                                Attn: James Shockey, AICP

                                                P.O. Box 3327

                                                Winter Park, CO 80482-3327


Qualification statements received after this date will not be considered.  Prospective responders who have any questions regarding this RFQ should contact James Shockey, Town Planner at 970-726-8081 or jshockey@wpgov.com .  The Town of Winter Park reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if deemed in the public’s best interest to do so.



Concept for Permanent Stage at Hideaway Park

Town of Winter Park Announces Concept for Permanent Stage at Hideaway Park. The stage concept includes a permanent, year-round usage, stage with design elements that work in concert with the existing finishes in Hideaway Park. Along with the stage design the project includes a year round multi-use space, additional loading and parking space and upgrades to accommodate year round usage.  

More information:   playWinterPark.com/Hideaway_Park.html



 On November 4th, the Town Council approved a $6.6 million annual operating budget for fiscal year 2015.  The budget maintains the sales, accommodations and lodging tax at 5%, property mill levy at 3.765 mills, real estate transfer tax, and other fees at their current levels.  The Town has not had a tax increase in over 8 years.  The Budget reflects the Town Council’s efforts to continue the Town’s current services while making significant investments in transit, marketing, economic development, community development, and capital investments.  A copy of the 2015 budget is on file in the office of the Town of Winter Park and on the Town website HERE. A brief summary of the 2015 Budget is available as well and can be accessed HERE.


  Town of Winter Park  -  P.O. Box 3327  -  Winter Park, CO 80482  - (970)726-8081